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Cable One in Boise

While Cable One is not yet offering 100+ Mbps broadband, it is providing a better bang for your buck than most other providers, even the largest cable companies. Cable One is the nation’s 10th largest cable provider. In Boise, Idaho, most residents have a choice between CenturyLink and Cable One when it comes to broadband […]

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Technologies That Stress Broadband

Broadband seems like it is on a roll in the United States, but the truth is that we are behind the technological curve when it comes to serving our citizens with high speed data access.  While that fact has not necessarily shown itself in too pronounced a way, there are a trio of technologies that […]

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Is Your Broadband Too fast?

Some may think that the title of the article implies heresy due to the fact that there is a belief that there is no such thing as performance that is ‘too fast’ right?  Well, maybe.  Let’s explore the possible uses for broadband and the ways in which ultra-fast plans make things that much better, as […]

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Improving Broadband Performance

If you have a high speed broadband connection but are not feeling the bandwidth love, you may have some tweaking to do.  Be sure to start off with ensuring that everything is functioning properly, then update software drivers and firmware, and then really get to tweaking.  The entire process should not take very long and […]

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Broadband Home Security, A New Frontier

For years we have been hearing trickles and rumors about how various ISPs were planning on integrating digital security into their broadband offerings.  We were mystified at the time, as it did not necessarily seem like a very logical leap compared to the jump between DSL to digital cable or digital cable to VoIP provider; […]

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Fastest DSL In The Nation

There are plenty of contenders when it comes to picking the fastest DSL in the nation, but picking the heavyweight champ is a real task.  It all needs to start by defining exactly what it takes to be a contender.  At a minimum the fastest DSL that we could possibly consider for the title would […]

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Verizon FiOS Quantum Review: 300 Mbps Is Blazing Fast

Verizon has had yet another change of heart when it comes to their fiber optic FiOS network.  Anyone that has followed Verizon’s FiOS network for any length of time has probably come to the conclusion that either Verizon’s executives are up to some super-genius scheme or they may just be incredibly indecisive; one week they […]

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Optimum vs. Cox

Optimum Online offers some great values and that along is a strong reason to match it up against Cox to determine just who would win in a battle of these two heavyweight digital media/broadband providers.  We’ll be looking at each company on the basis of its broadband offerings, digital cable, and home telephone service in […]

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Broadband Adoption To Drive Traffic Through The Roof

In four years there will be a 400% explosion in data consumption according to the latest research, and that could mean a few good things for us: better broadband plans, broadband for the masses, fewer caps, and better/more devices to help us gobble up that bandwidth.  With global IP traffic expected to hit over 1.3 […]

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Future Broadband Technologies

While it was only a few short years ago that fiber optic seemed to be poised to take over the broadband world, a few stumbles along the way have let the competition catch up.  There are new technologies here and on the horizon that might breathe life into metal wire-based broadband for at least another […]