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AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

Choosing between AT&T U-verse and Time Warner Cable isn’t as easy as it looks. Both companies have confusing websites and confusing deals, to help you make sense of it all we’ve put together this detailed comparison.

But, before we start, make sure to check that both companies are available in your area, if they aren’t then reading this review isn’t worth your time.

Check your AT&T Availability here:

Check your Time Warner Cable availability here:

A Brief Overview: What Matters in a Provider

When comparing broadband providers most people care about 3 key things:

  1. Broadband Speeds and TV Channels Available
  2. Overall Price
  3. Reliability and Customer Service

If this is a good overview of what you’re looking for, then keep reading because this is the basis for the entire comparison.

Recommendations: Which is Right For You

Based on the detailed review below, here are some general recommendations.

Price Shoppers: Check AT&T’s Bundles First

If you are shopping for both, TV and Internet then make sure to look at AT&T’s bundles before making your decision. Generally AT&T is more cost effective (sometimes $10-30 cheapers a month depending on the deal) than Time Warner because their technology is slightly older allowing them to offer a similar service at a lower cost.

Overall AT&T U-verse is the better value.

Check the current AT&T promotions here:

Want Good Customer Service?: Choose AT&T U-verse

The broadband industry isn’t known for it’s good customer service, but one key difference between Time Warner can AT&T U-verse is that AT&T uses employees instead of contractors to do installation and service calls. What’s this mean for you? Well it means that the employees have an incentive to make sure that you problem is solved, not just “fixed with a band-aid” like many contractors do.

While this distinction may seem subtle, there is a serious difference between professional installers who work for the company and contractors who have no interest in upholding a company’s reputation.

Long story short, if you want good customer service, AT&T is the better bet.

See if AT&T is available in your area:

Heavy Internet Users: Time Warner Cable

As of this writing, Time Warner Cable offers better overall service for consumers who just want Internet access. With speeds ranging from 2mpbs up to 300mbps using DOCSIS 3.0, Time Warner Cable is a better bet for the fastest Internet in the neighborhood. That said, many of AT&T’s plans will meet most consumers needs.

AT&T U-Verse: Digital TV, Broadband, and Home Phone

uverse-logoAT&T’s U-verse is the largest DSL provider in the US but it’s network is actually on VDSL technology. While we could bore you with all the technical details explaining why this is important, here is what you need to know:

AT&T’s digital TV and high speed internet offer the fast speeds and crystal clear picture you’d expect from in today’s hyper connected world because VDSL is about 6.5x faster than traditional DSL.

Additionally because DSL is delivered over existing telephone lines, typically your house won’t have to be rewired to get U-verse service.

In general, U-Verse bundle pricing is a bit less than TWC, especially during the introductory period. The base TV plan, U-verse Family, has a decent number or channels and includes DVR.

Digital TV Service

While the number of TV channels varies between the different bundles and plans, AT&T U-verse offers up to 210 HD channels with whole home DVRs, individual DVRs, and traditional cable boxes.

Additionally, many bundles include reduced prices or several months free of premium movie channels such as HBO and Cinemax, so make sure to read the details of your plan carefully.

Fast Internet Speeds

With today’s super connected world, fast internet is important. With AT&T U-verse you can receive download speeds up to 45mbps and upload speeds up to 6mbps (as of this writing).

With speeds close to 50mbps, all but the most data intensive customers (professional photographers/videographers, programmers, and designers) will be satisfied with these speeds.

With that in mind, if you consume a lot of online video you’ll be covered because AT&T U-verse  supports HD streaming from Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.

Home Phone Service

While most consumers are “cutting the cord” and just using their cell phones as their main phone. With that in mind, if you are looking for robust home phone service including caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, and anonymous call rejection, and calling across all 50 states and many countries, U-verse does offer home phone options similar (if not better) than what your current provider is offering.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 — When it comes to internet and cable TV providers, AT&T U-verse’s implementation of vDSL is pretty impressive and something to seriously consider.

Plans Available: 6 Internet plans, 4 TV plans

Pricing: Varies. more details »

Speeds: 3mbps to 45mbps

Promotions: See current discount offer.

Check Availability:

AT&T Availability Map

Below is a map showing roughly where AT&T is available, but make sure you confirm your availability with the tool on their website.

AT&T U-verse/DSL Coverage Area

Time Warner Cable Triple Play Bundle

Which do You Prefer? AT&T Uverse or Time Warner Cable?

Timer Warner Cable is the 3rd largest cable internet and TV provider in the US. Being a cable provider, it means that your internet, TV, and phone connection will all arrive through existing cable TV wiring.

HD Channels

Time Warner Cable has multiple tiers of TV plans. Depending on which one you select you can get up to 200 HD channels.

Additionally they offer whole home DVRs and traditional DVRs but make sure to watch their equipment prices as they are typically higher than industry standard.

You can also get all the premium channels through TWC that you can get with other providers, though they do have even more specialty channels in select markets such as New York City.

Internet Speeds

Time Warner Cable offers internet download speeds up to 50mbps in most areas, and up to 300mbps in upgraded areas starting in 2014. Pricing for basic speeds of 2mbps (which is not considered broadband by the FCC) starts at just $14.99/mo.

Home Phone Service

Time Warner Cable phone service offers multiple packages, but many included unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 — After reviewing and using internet service from more than 10 different providers, Time Warner Cable was one of my worst experiences. While they do have decent speeds and technologies, I often recommend that my friends and family choose a different provider besides Time Warner Cable if they have the option.

Plans Available: 6 Internet plans, 6 TV plans

Pricing: Varies. more details »

Speeds: 2mbps to 300mbps

Time Warner vs AT&T U-verse: Who Wins?

Deal Alert:
AT&T TV, internet, and home phone deals updated 14 hours ago.
Both of these companies have their share of pros and cons and it really depends on what you’re looking for and what is available in your local service area.

AT&T generally offers better pricing on their plans and bundles, but you’ll want to watch the hidden fees.

Time Warner does offer faster internet speeds than the highest tier AT&T plan, but it comes with higher TV and equipment pricing and frustrating customer service.

As service offerings vary with each city, we suggest contacting the companies to determine what is available in your local area. Deals and promotions are constantly changing to provide customers more incentive to purchase services and keep competition alive. Keep in mind that while we aim to keep our information as up-to-date as possible, pricing mentioned here is subject to change without notice.

Note: This post was last updated on January 13th, 2015. The comment since the update where left below for reference.

21 comments on “AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable”

  1. todd parris says:

    I just read your your article about Time Warner vs.ATT U Verse and Im about to add something that may or may not shock you.Did you know that ATT U Verse ALLOWS Time Warner Sponsored advertising.For example,I just saw a promo for the Sochi Olympics that metions which is produced by Time Warner.THats Right They share advertising while at the same time Time Warner SLAMS ATT U Verse on their coverage.OH by the way this is not the first example.Does this sort of a very awkward form of collusion.You might want to check this out.I tried to contact ATT about this but their customer service is TERRIBLEand TWCFORGET IT.You might have a better chance investigating these actions.I hope you do.Thank you for letting me sound off.

  2. Bdub says:

    Timer Warner vs. AT&T. To me the difference is business integrity. I had TW for years. Technically no real issues. Switched to AT&T for a better deal. A couple of issues to start…but I like what I get from AT&T. Time Warner on the other hand can be summed up in one word…”CROOKS”. I closed my account…returned their equipment…got receipts and BAM….TW took another $200 Pmt out of my checking account. I called them….they apologized…said they screwed up. Promised the money would be returned in 3 to 5 Days. 3 weeks later nothing. Made another call….which resulted in apologies and ..”it could take up to 8 weeks”. Time Warner is a thief!!!!

    • Guy says:

      Did your contract ended yet, before terminating their services??

      • SamIam says:

        There are no contracts in my area, or at least there haven’t been for a while. They did something very similar to me. I paid my bill and it was credited to another account. At first they were telling me that the account holder had to state that the payment was not made by him/her. Then after speaking to 20 some odd reps over the next two months I was finally able to resolve the matter after faxing my bank record of the transaction THREE TIMES. They are not organized and you will always get a different answer from the next person you speak with — usually with an attitude which is unfortunate.

        • Reginald Miller sr says:

          Oh god I been going through the same thing for years with TWC quite frankly I’m tired of it and decided to switch to AT&T they got the best phone customer service I just hope it’s the same with their TV and internet so are you pleased with AT&T or am I making a mistake by switching

  3. SHAUNNA says:

    There are some big differences between the 2 companies. Where Att only offers Fiber in large cites all the others pay the same rate for less. Also they do have data caps and if you have gamers and streamers (youtube, netflix, hulu, ect) and multiple wireless devices and even hard wired devices its not hard to hit there glass ceiling and take on overage charges. With TWC there are no data caps and the phone services in not limit to a selection of mins like ATT does. As someone whos had both as well as other providers over the years every company has fees and charges for this and that. Nothing is free. You will pay for your luxuries.

  4. Ernie says:

    I used to have Comcast which turned ito TWC, still same company. My experience with them is that my bill used to be getting ridiculously higher and higher every month, so I cancelled. I returned their equipment and still got charged for it. It took nearly 3 months to get my money back. I’ve has AT&T and they offer good quality services (Uverse TV & Internet). I’ve been paying the exact same amount as promised for two years now. Overall, I’ll go with them. I’m speaking from the LA area. Thanks!

  5. Keith says:

    I’ve had them both. I had more customer service problems with ATT than I have with TWC, and some of that is because where I live here in Arlington, Texas, TWC has a facility I drive to and get what I need done face to face with a representative. I have threatened to go to ATT Uverse simply because I have cell phone service with them and they say you can watch the regular TV lineup from your smartphone if you have Uverse. I stay with TWC because they work with me and constantly offer lower pricing, my internet speed is pretty good with them and I have no complaints with the quality of my television service. I pay $156.91 a month taxes and all and what I get is, 30mbps download/ 5mbps upload (and it’s more like 34 down and 5.76 up when I run a speed test), Preferred TV with Variety Pass, Unlimited calling with Home Phone National and Voicemail, free Home WIFI, a DVR box and 1 HD box.
    When I go to ATT and choose a Uverse package that equals it, it comes to $172.00 before taxes are added. I’ve read good things about Uverse service and even have a neighbor that speaks highly of it, so I don’t doubt it is probably good.
    At the end of the day, it’s like I said….I can threaten to leave TWC and they always drop the price to where I can’t see paying more for something I’m not sure would be worth the increase in price over.
    I think we as people will always have issues with whoever we have as our providers so it comes down to the price and conveniency in getting problems resolved for me….so for now anyways, I have to say TWC has won me over.

    • Todd says:

      I agree. We have U-Verse at work in our small business. Customer service is very lacking at At&T. We have outages about 4 to 6 times a year. It sometimes takes days for them to get everything restored. I have TWC at home and have not had a outage for over 3 years. They have a local office that I can go to and deal with face to face. When my bill is higher than I think it should be (about once a year) I call them and tell them I am thinking of switching to U-Verse and they always lower my monthly bill. It is a hassle to have to call them as it takes about 30 minutes on the phone but after that I enjoy the lower prices again. With the DVR my picture is super clear in HD. Plus in rooms where I don;t watch much TV I do not need a DVR or box instead I just plug the cable wire into the back of the TV and I get channels 1 through 100 without needing a box. I love primetime on demand so I can watch a show if I miss it. I also love News 14 which is a 24 hour news channel specific to our region. I’ll stay with TWC.

      • Todd says:

        I forgot to mention my total bill right now taxes included is 135.00 a month. I have the national phone plan with call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and on screen caller ID on my TV. I have the Turbo version of high speed internet. I watch Netflix and hardly ever have any lag. I have HD TV to include HBO and Epix and I get more channels than I can watch.

  6. Sam says:

    I have TWC and its $167 for no phone, 16mpbs/1mbos upload..(poor)
    ..nothing free and very basic cable package. with only 1 box, which is a 2-channel DVR.
    Im thinking of switching to ATT or someone else.
    Ive been a TW customer for over 10+yrs theyve done nothing but raise rates although the service has been very good as far as downtime. Sounds like I need to close my credit card acocunt before dumping them though, so they cant charge an extra month.

    • Celia says:

      TWC offers specials all the time. My last package was all in one, high speed internet, HDTV digital cable, and home phone with all the add ons. The price was locked in for 2 years at $89.00 plus tax
      That was last year, 2014. Do your homework before switching and choosing a company. TWC really is a good company. The billing department is located in California, so if your bill is incorrect, call there

  7. R says:

    Time warner offers higher upload speed here in CA while atnt has a max of 1 upload. TMW lags at times but they work 7days/24 hours plus its easier to contact them, while atnt takes a lot of time, twc didnt charge me for installation and atnt does. Ill still change back to atnt just because it wont lag.

  8. Bob says:

    I have fourteen years broadband experience with AT&T and TWC. I like this article and this discussion. Both companies have competent products. With both companies, I have experienced installation issues that require call backs.

    That said, I had a horrid experience with Time Warner Cable in the past twelve months that was only resolved after a one week outage, daily calls, a call to executive offices, and finally a visit by a senior TWC technician that diagnosed and corrected four problems with my install.

  9. chase says:

    i have twc too and its slow and it kick everyone in my house off the internet every 5 sec just today it took my xbox 5 to 10 min to test my internet

    • Robert says:

      Your problem sounds more like a router problem, not an Internet service problem. All routers die eventually. Might want to get that investigated first.

  10. Shivank says:

    My experience with internet speed i have had better results with at&t.

  11. AGeddylee says:

    As a contractor for twc I gotta say. This is completely wrong. I’m held to a higher standard than most other techs. Even have 2 separate quality control rolls on my jobs. So when I fix something, it’s fixed. I take a great amount of pride in my job. I take care of my customers, leaving my full name and tech number. I’m held 100% responsible for what I do.

  12. RobertT says:

    I’ve had both, twc 30.0, 50.0 and uverse 45.0. The twc 30.0 was in a more rural area, there were very few subscribers on node and I consistently tested at 34.0(more than I paid for even during peak times). My new house is in an urban setting, the twc 50.0 rarely approached 40.0, hence “maximum speed” or “speeds up to” disclaimer. Switched to uverse 45.0 and never get less than 43.0. Shared bandwidth with possibility of higher speeds v guaranteed bandwidth at lower, yet still fast, speeds. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing such as location, subscriber density, cost and personal usage requirements.

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