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Comcast Xfinity vs AT&T U-verse: What’s the Better Choice?

Comcast Xfinity vs AT&T U-verse: What’s the Better Choice?

If you live in an area that has both Comcast Xfinity and AT&T U-verse and you’re trying to compare the two companies, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find recommendations on which companies might be right for you along with a detailed comparison of the two companies so you can make even more informed decisions.

Which to Choose: U-verse or Xfinity

Price Shoppers: U-Verse

As a general rule U-Verse offers better bundles than Comcast for the introductory period. After that both companies are priced similarly. Just make sure you compare the deals before hand.

See U-Verse’s deals availability here:

TV Watchers: Tie

For most TV watchers there won’t be a huge difference between AT&T and Comcast. Both U-verse and Xfinity have upgraded their interfaces and cable boxes recently.

That said, if you are a huge watcher of the Hallmark Channel then you should be aware that it is offered on Comcast and not on AT&T U-verse. [1] That said, if Hallmark channel isn’t your thing then AT&T does offer more HD channels than Comcast does.

Use the links below to see the full channel line-ups. You’ll need to enter your zip.


AT&T U-Verse Channel Line Up:

Comcast Channel Line Up:

Heavy Internet Users: Tie

If you’re someone who spends a ton of time doing high bandwidth activities (steaming video content via Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube), then you’ll want to pay attention to the datacaps by each company.

Currently both companies have datacaps that are unenforced. [2][3]

So it’s a tie.

Everything Comes Down to Availability

If you aren’t sure if you can get the provider in your area, stop reading and check now.

Check your U-verse availability here:

Check your Comcast availability here:

The maps below are good general estimates of coverage but because your street needs to be wired to receive service you MUST check with the provider using their tool to get exact results.

AT&T U-verse/DSL Availabilty

Coverage Map – Comcast

AT&T U-verse Overview

Deal Alert:
AT&T TV, internet, and home phone deals updated 7 hours ago.

AT&T U-verse is a vDSL solution using Fiber-to-the-Node technology to bring fast internet access, HDTV, and home phone. VDSL is generally 6.5x faster than DSL meaning in many cases consumers can get comparable speeds to that of cable, but at a lower overall cost because the telephone companies have spent less on laying new infrastructure.

Key Highlights:

  • Pro: AT&T U-verse offers very solid bundle options when compared to Comcast.
  • Pro: AT&T offers more HD channels than Comcast does.
  • Pro: Good Value for Most Internet Users — If you aren’t a heavy internet users, then the difference between U-Verse and Comcast is negligible. You’ll still be able to stream Netflix in HD.
  • Con: One of the key downsides to any DSL implementation is the upload speeds it offers. If you do things that require heavy uploading such as creating professional videos then U-Verse might not meet your needs.
  • Con: Like Comcast, AT&T U-verse’s service has a 250gb data cap, but it isn’t enforced.

AT&T U-verse Services:

Digital TV: AT&T U-verse offers HD programming with access up to 200 channels in HD. [4]

High Speed Internet: AT&T U-verse offers internet speeds up to 45 mbps in most areas. This is fast enough for most consumer needs.

Home Phone: Since AT&T was originally known for it’s home phone service, it’s no surprise it still offers decent home phone packages starting around $25/mo.

Check your availability here:

Comcast Overview

Comcast offers Digital TV, Internet, and Home Phone service through coaxial cable. While it’s technology and infrastructure aren’t new, recent releases of DOCSIS 3.0 and soon DOCSIS 3.1 will continue to allow it to increase the speeds it deliveries through it’s aging infrastructure.

(If you aren’t familiar with DOCSIS basically it is a protocol for delivering and communicating data and improvements in efficiency result in speed improvements.)

Key Highlights

  • Pro: Comcast offers coaxial connection to the home mean it is able to provide faster overall broadband access than U-verse.
  • Con: Worst customer service in the industry. [5]
  • Con: Like Comcast, AT&T U-verse’s service has a 250gb data cap, but it isn’t enforced.
  • Con: Fewer HD channels than U-Verse.

Xfinity Services:

Digital TV: Comcast’s digital TV packages range from 80-180 channels in most areas and their DVR boxes will run you an additional $5-30 a month depending on the plan.

Internet Access: Xfinity’s broadband services have speeds up to 150mbps a month but all plans come with a 250gb datacap.

Home Phone:Xfinity Voice plans start at $24.99 and go up depending on your plans and features.

Comcast Xfinity Vs AT&T U-Verse Summary:

Comcast Xfinity Summary:

Don’t let Comcast’s new Xfinity name trick you into thinking it is offering anything different. Their service is still TV service, internet service, and phone delivered via coaxial cable something they’ve been doing for years.

AT&T U-Verse Summary:

AT&T U-verse’s fiber-to-the-node connection model was a revolutionary way to delivery a DSL connection a few years ago, but for consumers who are only stuck with Comcast or AT&T, AT&T’s Gigapower can’t come fast enough as it promises to bring 1gbps speeds to certain areas.

The Real Winner: It’s Hard to Call

If I had to pick between the two providers, I’d go with AT&T U-verse simply because I’ve been burned by Comcast in the past.

That said, the reality is that if you have 2 providers in your area you are actually in a good place because 39 million Americans only have access to one wired provider.

Ultimately, choosing between Comcast and U-verse really comes down to understanding your needs.

1) If you watch a lot of TV, then the two companies are pretty much a tie. If you watch the Hallmark Channel, choose Comcast. If you watch a lot of OnDemand movies, then U-verse is generally known to have a broader selection at a lower price.

2) If you’re shopping based on lowest price, choose AT&T U-verse.

3) If you want better customer service, (laughable in the broadband industry) then AT&T U-Verse is slightly better.

A Word of Warning Regarding Price: HD Programming is $10:

With both providers, you’ll pay an extra $10 for HD TV service. We’re still not sure why they don’t include that cost in their price… but since it’s the same across both providers (and most providers in the industry) I guess it’s to be expected.

Update Note: This comparison was completely rewritten on Jan 5th, 2015 but the comments below were left there for reference.

References and Footnotes

  2. Overview of AT&T's datacaps.
  3. Overview of Comcast's data caps.
  4. Another channel line up.
  5. The ACSI rates and compares companies across different industries. The score is based on an index of 100. For more details visit the ACSI home page.

77 comments on “Comcast Xfinity vs AT&T U-verse: What’s the Better Choice?”

  1. DAN says:


    • admin says:

      Awesome. We’re glad. 🙂

      • Timothy says:

        I’m not sure comcast really takes this one. I have comcast currently. I started off with the 20mb plan. received a free upgrade to the 50mb plan. Finally, I was upsold recently (told 5 dollars different) to the 100 mb comcast plan. I’ve done extensive speed tests and while the latency is excellent 15ms to 35ms the best download speeds I have received are 20mb with the normal average speed of 12. Upload speeds of 10mbs are normal however and I’m not sure Uverse can match that. It could be my area causing this issue of slower speeds but if your marketing 100mbs you should be able to deliver it at least during off peak hours. I have never once received above 24mbs.

        I’m holding out hope for google fiber. Until then I’ll bounce back and forth yearly because both are absorbant in their non promotional pricing.

        • Cheryl says:

          Me too, I am praying for Google Fiber as soon as possible.

        • Drew says:

          Tim- what do you mean “both are absorbant in their non promotional pricing”- how does this allow you to switch back and forth yearly?

        • T Alan says:

          I’ve got a 30 MB plan with comcast Houston. Off peak easily gets 30 to 32 MB/Sec download and 9-10 MB/S upload. Peak periods slowed to 18 to 20 download speed. Tried connection with Brisbane, Australia and speed went down to 10 MB/sec download and 2 MB/sec upload.

        • DD says:

          I had similar problems. I was paying for a much higher speed plan but my actual speeds were much lower. There are 3 possible causes: 1) your router is not capable to accessing those speeds; check the specs on your router. mine could only reach 50mbps not the 100mbps I was subscribed to; 2) ask your providers to reset or flash you internet service; for some reason after they did this my speed went up from 10mbps to 50mbps; 3) faulty Ethernet cable, somehow I also had a bad Ethernet cable which was restricting my speed. I swapped it out and it got a lot faster.

          hope this helps.

          • JD says:

            DD: That’s correct. There are many factors that can affect you internet speeds, it could be caused by one or many factors, this could also be known as a “bottleneck”. Starting with your modem, going through your Ethernet cable to your router and/or switch and traveling either through WIFI or Ethernet all the way to the receiving device. For instance, you might have a great modem that supports 100mbps, you could be using something like cat5e or cat6 and have a great router/switch but if you have a NIC (Network interface card) that cant handle high speeds, you have just wasted all that money on a great router/switch and Ethernet cabling since in this scenarion your NIC will become your bottleneck.

        • Pam says:

          What tool is best for testing the speed? Thanks

        • Mandi says:

          If you’re not getting the speeds you should be getting, call and tell them your proof (ex. Software that shows the speeds you’re getting). I did this and was only getting half the speed I was paying for, for 12 months. My result: I cancelled the service and demanded a refund for half of what I paid for 12 months. Aka- a check for almost $300. I explained that I would not pay my normal electric bill if they were only giving my power for 12 out of 24 hours, so why should they be paid the full amount. It got escalated to a supervisor, etc. But long story short, I was right and was able to be refunded.

        • Terri says:

          Are you hard lined or wifi? I am new w Xfinity Sales, and I don’t like to hear unhappy customers. I am learning about issues w latency- via diff providers. What can cause etc. Out of curiosity, when you got the Blast service- did they give you the Gateway, or did you use your own router?

        • dave says:

          change your modem Comcast gateway 2 will allow higher speeds.

      • Sandra says:

        Comcast, I have had for years, then I did the bundle and have had nothing but problems. Every time I call Comast, I get disconnected and transferred. I would say this last time was 5 transfers and 3 disconnects. Agents were in the Philippines, what should have been a 3 minute call was actually over 45 minutes and I am still not sure my problem was resolved. I have to say I was very close to throwing it all out the window after speaking with these horrible agents who do nothing but transfer and disconnect. Lets not forget the constant of having to repeat yourself every time your transferred. Comcast, you need to get you act together, the cable is not that bad, it is your customer service that is a nightmare to deal with. Also your pricing…..jeez. I will probably start looking elsewhere now, just the thought of having to call that company sends shivers down my spine…..ugh!

        • Scott says:

          This brings back nightmares about my 14 month Comcast experience while living in two different apartments in Atlanta. I had to call in four times at each location to workout service installation issues and major billing errors. Each time, I was met with complete incompetence, long delays (up to an hour per call), and all calls being transferred to South America (even during business hours). By strokes of luck on the last call each time, I randomly ended up transferred to an amazing CSR in Pennsylvania who corrected all the issues and was highly knowledgeable. I wish I knew here name so I could recommend a big promotion and raise. Overall, horrendous experiences with Comast and I’m due to set up a new service again and already dreading it.

          • Ralph says:

            I totally agree with you, I have had nothing but nightmares dealing with Comcast. Every month its a new issue or tech problem they constantly lie to you nobody can give you a straight answer. So now I’m gonna take a chance and use dish satellite network for T.V programming but I think I’ll keep the Comcast internet I hear AT&T sucks with internet.

        • Mike says:

          Comcast – Worst customer service ON THE PLANET … and whomever is 2nd worst is a distant 2nd.

          • Ian says:

            then you’ve never heard of Telstra out of Australia. They have horrible service AND horrible customer service. A 1 hr call for us is brief for them. You could be on the phone with them for hours at a time, and still not resolve anything for several days, to weeks.

        • Terri says:

          Have you downloaded the my account App? It allows you to have them call you when it is convenient for you. There is also a site you can go to for customer experience. There really are a lot of us proud of this company. I apologize for your experience.

      • Pat says:

        I had Comcast for many years but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when, after I finished my contract, the prices started going up, I finally locked up the price for another year but somehow the internet speed was so low I waited a long time to connect, this was at 160 a month . When I called to complain they assured me they would lower the rate and fix the problems with the speed. When I came back from work I turned on the tv and my channel line up was gone and I could get ONLY SPANISH CHANNELs. I called again ( all this the same day) and they switched it back to the old lineup but for almost 200.00 dollars a month, they said by cancelling my previous deal I could not go back and I would have to pay more but the internet speed was still the lowest unless I wanted to upgrade to a 210.00 dollars a month. I switched to ATT and never turned back. They will have glitches but the customer service is great and the technicians come out promptly. Never giving my money to Comcast again even if now they assure me they turned a new leaf and that’s why they call themselves x finity and have local account managers….HA HA HA. Watch my dust Comcast

      • Rob says:

        We are moving from Long Island, NY to Durbin Crossing and am looking for a TV & Internet provider; no need for phone. Top priorities are Internet speed, basic channel line up and on demand. suggestions?

    • R says:

      What about now that ATT bough Dish Network. That seems to tip things more toward ATT

  2. Steve says:

    Both services work but do your homework. Almost everything the phone reps tell you is wrong except negotiating price. Not until the tech arrives at your door will you be set straight and finally understand what you are getting. The techs should just work the phones because they are the only ones that no what the heck they are talking about.

  3. Sharon says:

    The reps on the phone will mislead you by telling you will get a promotional price for a certain number of months then a few months down the road your promotion will mysteriously end and no one will admit they promised you what they did. Get it in writing before you sign up.

    • admin says:

      Always, always, always get it in writing.

      • Terri says:

        I agree- get it in writing. Just a tip. Corporate Direct Sales Reps- AKA “door to door” reps- I recommend ensuring they are indeed Corporate employees and not contractors- may have better rates than what you see online. Depending on the market in which they work, (I can only speak where I live) rates run $40-$50 a month lower than online new customer rates. If you are doing research or thinking of switching- it is well worth giving these folks a listen.

  4. Tracy says:

    If your concerned about cost and being over charged then stay AWAY from Comcast! I recently moved ance was told my monthly bundle would cost $165/mo but when my first bill came it was $276 before I could get that bill resolved I received another bill for $522 at which time I cancelled the service and turned in the equipment….My final bill for 32 days of service was $704! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    Now I’m with u-verse and my bill is $72/mo and my internet speed is great!

    • chad says:

      What speeds are you getting? In suburban chicago I get a slow 12-18 mbps….Net Flix takes up 6+mbps alone. Thats not counting any ipads or ondemand. Just wondering.

  5. kurt says:

    After comcast tried to charge me twice for an old balance and a deposit when i moved ($226 was paid) then the rep said i was good at zero balance. Two months later, a charge of the same amount was tacked onto my bill that i already paid that they claimed was an error by the rep and that i owed another $226. $400 cable bill?, i think not. Told them to cancel me and immediately signed up for U-verse. I’ve had them before and had zero problems, and I’m saving $80/mo FOR THE SAME SERVICE…..

    Oh and their claim of having these 30mbit DL speeds and now being twice as fast….. ALL BS, there was never anything over ~18mbit DL speed, ever.

    Greedy comcast, you lost my business. My advice to others, stay away from comcast.

    • Ryan says:

      I have comcast right now and average 34-36 mbps dl speed and r switching shit att and were only getting up to 18 mbps not like comcast guaranteed 20 mbps

  6. ChuckPV says:

    I was promised a price of $157 per month plus taxes by comcást in January 2014 for cable with hbo, showtime and STARZ, most of the channels 1-300, 3 dvr’s, Internet and phone service. Until then, I had their top of the line Platinum package for about $250 per month (15+ years with Comcastt), but called in January to lower my cost some, which I thought I did and gave a few channels. My bills stayed over $200 per month. When I called repeatedly, they said no package existed to get what I had for $157 per month. I spoke with the Loyalty/Solutions department in May and they finally agreed to a price of $161 per month,. I had also contacted, an executive division, and they again said my price can’t be right, but they would review my account and listen to recordings of my calls with Comcast since January. They called me back, said the package just didn’t exist, but “for my trouble”, they would give me a $161 price plus taxes for June 2014-June 2015. The bills I received in July through September were each over $200. More calls, more hours, more suggestions that what I was quoting as a price wasn’t possible, but ECare once again said “for my troubles”, they would provide me the $161 per month price for 12 months and increase my cable service back to their top Premiere Package. Coincidentally, the same day I was talking to Comcast about this, an AT&T salesman came to my home and offered me UVerse Cable, the U450 package (apparently their top package, similar to Comcast’s Premiere) with Max Plus (18 Mbps) Internet service and phone service for $152 per month for 24 months. Alternatively, if I took just the cable U450 plus the Max Plus Internet service, but no phone service, the price was $122 per month for 12 months. While Comcast was $161 for all 3 services (just a $9 per month difference for the 2 companies, Comcast actually would increase the monthly price if I eliminated the phone service. So, the bottom line is $122 per month for AT&T’s U450 plus 18 Mbps Internet service, 3 wired receivers and one wireless, DVR compared to Comcast’s Premiere package with Internet and phone service for $161 per month, a difference of $40 per month ($500 per year) to give up a phone line I didn’t need.
    BUT, is AT&Ts cable service and their Internet service noticeable inferior to Comcast? While I despise Comcast, I have never had a problem with any of their services. Their billing practices should be investigated by the FCC and other agencies, but I suspect going from Comcast to AT&T is going from ISIS to Al Qaeda, all evil. I mentioned I was to,receive,18Mbps from AT&T, their Max Plus package, but when the paperwork arrived, it had me scheduled for their Elite package which is not so elite,at 6 Mbps. So the new evil,has begun and I haven’t had AT&T out to install anything yet.
    So I moved the installation date back a week and am writing you.. I understand your focus,is Internet, but any input is appreciated.

    • Ange says:

      WOW you situation is almost just like mine. I have been calling for 2 years regarding a dvr box and 2 digital converter boxes. After 3 hours on the phone on a Saturday afternoon, the solution was Comcast is going to rewire my whole house for no charge, since i’ve been calling for years about this. They were also suppose to install all new equipment. And I was told I’d have a 4 month credit on my next bill for a DVR box that doesn’t work for, total should have been about $68. When the installer arrived he only rewired the first floor only, since he tested the wires and they were all bad. The second floor was working just fine, he said. However, no new equipment was brought or installed. Then i receive my bill and they are charging me $140 for installation, charging me for a cable box I was told (by 3 different reps) would be free for 12 months and there is no credit on my bill. I called about this and was told that I would receive a phone call from 2 different people, one confirm the removal of the cable box fee for 12 months and the other to discuss the $140 installation charge on my bill. It has been 2 days I still have not received any calls and when I called back today I was told that they never make calls out and that I was given wrong information and I should wait a few more days to see if there are any adjustments to my bill. That is completely unacceptable and I asked for a supervisor or someone who has the authority to adjust my acct today. I was then told I would be on hold for 4-5 minutes to speak to a supervisor and 16 minutes later I told the rep that I could no longer hold and I would call back when I have time to sit on hold forever. All in all in a matter of 3 weeks I have spend 5 hours talking to Comcast reps and over 1 hour on hold waiting to talk to someone. Everything I was told would be done or credited but rewiring my houseI has not been done. A week after my installation appoinment I received all new equipment in the mial, which still has not been install or activated.
      I am choosing to leave Comcast because they have TERRIBLE customer service and do not value their customers at all. I have had their service for 16+ years and I can no longer give my money to a company that has no customer service values.
      I am a person who does not like change and very hesitant because internet speed is very important to our family. I have talked to several friends that have At&t Uverse and are very happy and have no complants, so I’m going to try them out.

      • Kathleen says:

        Angie, I hope it works out with you. I am thinking of leaving Comcast, too. Similar experiences with Customer Service that are simply nightmarish. I’m so tired of it. I’m curious to know how you will like At&T UVerse.

      • Sumaiyah says:

        I’m so glad I came to this site. I was feeling like something was wrong with me. Every single time I call Comcast, they are very disrespectful. After coming to my house several times in the last 2 months, trying to install services, they finally got the cable installed. I was told too that they would not charge me for installing cable because I had ordered the so called do it yourself package. Without having to say, that didn’t work. I received a bill for 59,98 for installation. The guys that came out told me it was an upgrade to get my daughter’s cable on in her room. She somehow, after just 2 months of my husband canceling our cable, needed new equipment. It was only going to be 15.00, which i protested that to the technician. He called Comcast and i heard the lady laughing and saying negative comments like who do I think I am. She is going to charged an upgrade. When the tech got off the phone with her, I asked him, how much would it actually be. He pretended to do a mock invoice and said 15.00. Just saying too, this same guy tracked mud in on my carpet and wiped his feet on my decorative rug in my foyer. Unbelievable! I did mention to him to use the welcome mat when coming back in my home, he tried to argue about that. This guy was scary. I was so glad when they left. I couldn’t sleep well for about 3 nights, because this guy was cold. Back to the topic. I called Comcast to speak to them about the charges, and the rep told me, in a matter of fact way, the tech can charge you whatever he feels like. Then he asked me was I the account owner, i responded that my husband was. He refused to talk to me and told me that for all those previous years with Comcast, that the reps should have never talked to me. i answered back, and told him that this bill is mine to pay, so i guess i don’t have permission to pay it. I found a good deal with AT&T and will be changing it this week.

      • Sandra says:

        Same here, have you done the Uverse? I absolutely love my cable and especially the On Demand, I just cringe when I have to call Comcast. You are right they just don’t care. Does Uverse have the On Demand Option?

        • Sandra says:

          I just talked to AT&T today about getting U-verse tv to add to my U-verse net and phone. Was told U-verse tv DID have on demand. Am skeptical about everything I’ve been told by AT&T since I’m going through a nightmare week with Comcast’s lies. Fortunately, I cancelled that service BEFORE the installation but today I received a monthly bill!!! Argh!

    • Ivan says:

      I’m also very upset with Comcast Xfinity. I have their “High Speed” internet, but I can have a cup of coffee before a webpage loads up! I use my PC only for work, no games, social media, or a lot of photos or music. And I do cleanup and optimizing every night! Their Speed Test shows 57.8 mbps. Tech Support guy said, “max Is 58, so the problem can’t be Comcast”. They once gave me a free 3-month trial of their Blast! upgrade, and I noticed no difference, so I didn’t take it. My neighbor and I have had Comcast come out to troubleshoot their cable in the ground – to no avail. The technician said our house is at the end of the feeding line, so our signal is weaker. Even if it were true, it’s not an acceptable excuse! Now I’m doing some homework on AT&T U-verse, and have been hearing/reading contradicting opinions. My neighbor has switched over from Xfiniity to Uverse, and is very happy. With the above article, I’m really shocked to hear that Comcast has “much faster Internet speeds, it beats AT&T hands down.” So it appears that their signals vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and might explain why some posters like ATT, and some like Comcast. I’m concentrating my research on the neighborhood now. Would like to hear what you’ve found since you last posted.

      • Assenav says:

        Go with UVERSE, i did and i don’t regret it, and plus their customer service is light years ahead of Comcast. They are also are prompt and always recommend to you the most affordable promotion.

      • Toni says:

        Oh my Gosh! Comcast also told me that the issues I have with a weak signal are because our house is at the end of the feed line. That “line” sounds like just one of a long list of excuses in their repertoire.

      • JD says:

        If what you’re saying is true, I wouldnt be so concerned about Comcast but rather to scan your PC for Spyware/malware viruses and Browser add on tools that could be slowing down your pc speed not the internet itself.



    • domperignon says:

      They are evils. I cancelled Comcast 20 years ago and never turned back. At the time tv was really bad and it was an easy decision. I collected laserdiscs and later dvs that I played on a large screen with a 3 tube projectors. Today I have had Clear 4G for many years to watch Netflix in HD for $50.00 unlimited data (I use about 70Gig/month). I don’t watch sport. I get Over the Air digital tv for local channels for news. And I cancelled my phone service with AT&T and ported two old precious numbers to Magic Jacks. Magic Jack GO works with fax now and you can transfer your calls to your cell or just answer your calls from your cell. It is much better than it used to be.

  7. marc says:

    if you don’t get contract the start up costs are astronomical


    Comcast is the clear winner. Their triple play bundles are cheaper than UVerse’s phone, internet and TV and get you more channels and unlimited local and long distance on the phone. If you don’t need a house phone then UVerse can be a better choice as their internet speeds are better for the price. Another thing to watch with AT&T is they often charge for installation and other up-front costs that drive up the first bill considerably.

    For under $115 a month I am currently getting HD starter (more channels than I’ll ever watch), unlimited local and long distance calling and a 6mbps internet from Comcast. Their customer service is extraordinary, with their “Chat” feature online being extremely efficient and quick to solve any issues–either billing or technologically based. Plus every time I have an issue I always make it a point to ask for free premium movie channels for a while. They have generally complied without argument and I have been provided both the HBO and Showtime packages since starting with them 8 months ago for no additional charge.

    • Sumaiyah says:

      He must work for Comcast.

      • ConnieC says:

        lol! That’s true.

      • Deanna says:

        I’m glad I thought to look to compare… I thought I was the only one they were doing these things to… every time I call them, the next person I speak with contradicts him or her, I’ve even had problems with the online support and when I explain I kept a copy of the previous chat session and what I was dictated and copy and paste the conversation, I am told multiple times someone will call me and then when I ask about that, I am told that that was incorrect information… last night I waited on hold for close to three hours, being disconnected multiple times, the last time I finally was connected, at 855pm, during the conversation, I heard Comcast is currently closed, please call back during regular hours… they misquoted the price of the pkg retention was switching me to… we originally had internet essentials but then when we moved we were switched to a completely different pkg and none of our services have worked correctly since our move in October. I have been in and out of the hospital a lot with stomach and pancreatic problems and not supposed to have a lot of stress… anyone ever wonder why Comcast doesn’t reimburse us for the same amount they pay their representatives? I mean if I have to wait on hold for hours, record or save every conversation and calculate the bills for them, oh, don’t forget calling them repeatedly when they hang up or I can’t get through to pay my bill, I should be paid for that, shouldn’t I??? I’m calling att today and either going that route or internet with Google hangouts and over the air… I don’t need the stress.

      • vikki says:

        i agree…..

      • John Trainer says:

        Definitely works for Comcast. Most ridiculous comments I’ve ever heard.

    • Michael in ATL says:

      Ooh, a whole 6 Mbps?! Wow!

    • Ruth K says:

      Good Luck! Just wait until your promo period is over. You will then be told the package you had is no longer available and offer to lower your costs by upgrading to more than you need!

  9. domperignon says:

    I mean unless you watch sports there is no need for Comcast. Clear is winding down and doesn’t take new subscribers but is the only internet provider that provided unlimited data, competitive with DSL. With DSL you needed first to get a useless landline with AT&T, costing more. The LTE modems and plans that Spring and Verizon sell today are too expensive. There is no unlimited data plan available.

    • Jim says:

      I was able to drop my AT&T landline and just maintain DSL early this year (2014). I stuck an HD over-the-air antenna in the attic and connected it to existing cabling in the house and I pick up all of the major broadcast stations. The kids watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu over the DSL with pretty good results. Occasionally run into problems when 3 or 4 devices are active. But it is saving us $1000 a year that we can use to do other family activities. However, my wife misses TLC and HGTV and the kids miss Disney so I am thinking to surprise them for Christmas with AT&T Uverse TV/internet bundle since Uverse just became available in our area. I figured I’d better compare with Comcast at the same time. They have a 24 month contract which makes me uncomfortable so I think I’ll go with Uverse since they only have a 12 month contract requirement. Plus all the negative customer service comments I’ve seen here and other places is unsettling. I’ve never had problems with AT&T customer service.

  10. Najamus Saqib says:

    Comcast is a cheater. I hate them.

  11. Bobby says:

    I’ve got Uverse 50. I get about 20 over wifi, but about 50 over ethernet.

  12. Bob Ford says:

    The United States ranks something like 35th in the world in terms of the speed, quality, and cost of internet service. And that doesn’t even count those parts of the U.S. which have little or no high-speed internet. Everything people are saying here is generally correct. I’ve had experience with both Comcast and AT&T. They both suck.
    One thing I’ve learned is to avoid bundles. They may seem good if you let the ads or the salesmen hook you. But they turn out not to be so good. Also, having complicated plans makes it a lot easier for the company to swindle you out of cash. I currently have an expanded basic cable TV plan with Comcast. And I have high-speed internet with AT&T which is not really all that fast, but it’ll do. Two simple bills which these two ripoff companies cannot use to rip me off of extra money.

  13. DrillSgt says:

    I am with AT&T and the best download speeds the have in my area are barely above 5 mbps. And they customer service reps say that’s the best plan avail. Now, I’m worried about comcast over charging as I’ve had them before they developed Xfinity…and they really jacked up my bill several times.

    I sure do wish Google Fiber was available. We are in the same County as their headquarters…=(

  14. Levi says:

    If AT&T U-verse is available in your areas and you were ever interested in what we offer, I am one of the door to door salesman for AT&T. I receive special promotions and rewards, that make door to door sales just a little bit easier, when I try to make sales I focus on ensuring that my customers understand exactly what they get, and how long everything lasts and how to renew promotions. If any of you have issues with comcast or are just interested in what sorts of packages I could offer, give me a call, even if you’re already an AT&T customer I can help you modify your package, or lower your bill, customer service is my focus.

    • Sharlita says:

      how can i connect you regarding the promotions that you have available?

    • Elizabeth D Smith says:

      Hello Levi,
      Would like to connect with u asap. Currently with ATT; bill jumping up. Seriously looking at Comcast. Waiting to schedule installation.
      Hope to hear from u.


  15. KathieClohessy says:

    ATT also offers free DVR with its wireless TV service, which Comcast does not. Big plus for those of us who want to watch shows when its convenient and not go out and buy a DVR of our own. ATT also has a very easy to access “Office of the President” customer service escalation department (just email and they are like a dog with a bone–they get your issue resolved no matter what it takes.

    I’ve dealt with both customer service departments… ATT is no picnic, they will reolve complaints and they do it for free. Comcast charges a fee to come out an troubleshoot a problem, even if it is their fault. . Now that AT&T offers fiberoptic speeds that rival Comcast’s broadband, AT&T wins hands down.

  16. Nikki says:

    I’ve had AT&T for about 2years and it is the whittiest service I have ever received. Hidden fees were everywhere, I payed over 240$ a month for shitty internet, TV that would almost never function correctly, and not to mention, where I live, there’s lots of rain. AT&T is probably the worst TV & Internet provider i’ve ever had. Now with Xfinity Comcast, there’s no contract, I pay for extremely high speed internet, the best channels, and I’m only paying for 180$- and it hasn’t changed within the past year. Weather didn’t bring down my TV, my internet ran through the entire house, all my TV’s get service, and every time I call, I get a person that actually speaks Americanized english and I wait less than a minute for a response. AT&T has never given me the great customer service that Xfinity that (surprisingly) has given me.

  17. Jeff says:

    Hi Levi, i would love to connect with you… how can you help me pls? i have a very low connection on my internet (AT&T uverse home account). i have some videos of how lonely connecting even to can get. help! I’ve had trouble calling your hotline, its a long wait to be able to speak to a human!

  18. Howard says:

    Moved to Ca. in June in apt. complex. At &t was only choice. The TV service is respectably good, after a few adjustments on HD service, which was paid for but did not get. The problem I have now, which might turn me to Comcast is Internet. This is my main concern. After recenty being ‘upgraded’ to a so called faster or fastest connection on U verse, (they said this was not even available when I moved in) I am experiencing the worst INTERNET service I have ever had,,,,,even worse than my original slower speed plan I started with. Web browsers, all taken care of meticulously, DO NOT LOAD! g MAIL does not load or is on and off. Even hitting images….sometimes, the image will either not respond at all or nothing comes up….some ON some OFF..i FIND MYSELF in frustration, just pounding over and over again the mouse to get anything to move. I never know what will happen with this service. Mind you, it took a full day for the technician to re do the connection in my house to server port from outside….I do not know if this is faulty connection or what..they say all is fine as predicted. I have nowhere to go,,,so ,,,,,considering comcast with all the above mentioned problems. U verse also screws up your bills every month, but the customer service in general is good>>>> any comments?

  19. Pat says:

    Given your review, I fall back to your comments on customer service. Comcast has un-empowered employees, an inept system bordering on incompetency and predator tactics. This is from years of experience of living in an area that had only Comcast. We now have a choice in our service provider…well no we don’t, there wasn’t a choice to be made given the absolutely unprofessional, substandard, deficient and lacking of any value of Comcast. thanks for the venting!!!!

  20. pam says:

    After reading all of these comments about Comcast I now remember why I loved Uverse when I got it. Since my only real complaint is price I will try to get my bill lower AND WILL NOT be enticed by Comcast Infinity intro prices. Thanks to all!!
    Levi, please contact me if you can help.

  21. jtv says:

    Comcast certainly does have a data cap. 300Gigs. The only way to call it unenforced is that they don’t cut off your service, they just charge you an extra $10 for every 50 Gigs over. So, you pay $70+ for monthly service and then they charge you more if you use too much. Since all streaming is now HD, a heavy Netflix user (like myself) burned up almost 400 Gigs last month. No out of the ordinary use.

  22. Mark says:

    After repeated calls which were transferred and dropped, repeated broken promise’s we turned in our Comcast modem today and contracted with AT&T. Anything is better than Comcast. We never once spoke to a person in the U.S.. AT&T is in Boise, Idaho and it was such a pleasure to have some courtesy given to us. I would rather go to the public library and get my mail and pay bills than ever go near Comcast again. We use Direct TV for TV and it is bulletproof. Never, ever trust Comcast.

  23. Michelle says:

    I’m glad I came across this site. I’ve had Comcast for 15 years, but when I got X1 it completely ruined everything. I am so sick of calling to complain, since it takes 20 min to supply your information to the many recordings and people you get!!! “I see you are a member of our Xfinity program”. Shut up fool!!! That irks the sh*t out of me when I hear that. I feel like I have to call them every day and ‘reboot’ or I just suffer on the days I can’t call. All of this frustration for $270 a month!!! I have had it. The camel’s back has broken. I’ll gladly pay less for slower internet and better customer service. Im calling AT&T tomorrow to see what they offer. I’ll gladly get rid of overpriced Xfinity.

  24. Andy says:

    Comcast is a nightmare. Period. I was a customer of theirs for years and everything was fine until your contract was up or there was some other reason you had to call them. They LIE about everything. There is no accountability for what a sales or service rep tells you and since you get a different one each time you call, each of them will tell you something different just to get you off the phone. Keep in mind, I’m not a heavy user with unusual demands. Just standard YouTube viewing, some TV, email, etc.

    I switched to Uverse nervously. Like I said, Comcast internet worked fine. But their service was the something I wouldn’t wish on Satan. Turns out, Uverse is fine, too. AND they’re service people are awesome. Every step of the way, not only does a tech show up as promised, but afterwards a supervisor shows up to ask how the tech visit went. And I’ve only needed one tech visit since I hooked up.

    When Google Fiber or any other option arrives, I hope Comcast get Blockbustered– that is, I hope they’ve generated enough hatred amongst their current customers that the stampede to get away from them puts them out of business.

    BTW I think the reason they call they’re product Xfinity instead of Comcast is that they know the word “Comcast” makes people puke in their mouths a little.

  25. Claude Lyneis says:

    We are in the Bay Area. Comcast internet is great, 50+ down and 6 to 10 Mbs up and very reliable. The cost of cable from them is a real pain. Their deals are incredible complex. We tried ATT Uverse but it was only 20 Mbs, the TV frequently latched up, the techs were not interested in a proper solution and Apple TV would not work with their internet boxes. Went back to Comcast, it is very solid and I have had good luck with their technicians. I just hate how they price the cable choices and up your prices every 12 months, unless you complain. I am about to go through that again as my bill just jumped 30 bucks.

  26. Learjet says:

    I recently received a letter from Comcast stating that my “Boost” internet package was going from 50 Mbps to 75 Mbps. So a couple days ago I ran three or four different speed tests and mostly they were around 45 Mbps, nowhere near the 75 Mbps I’m paying for.

    Of course I called customer support and was on the phone for almost ninety minutes with Rajiz from New Delhi or some place and he advised me to reset my router, not my modem. So, now my router is not properly set up with encryption, etc., so now my wireless network is no longer secure AND I’m not getting the speeds I am paying for.

    The whole thing is a big clusterf*ck and I’m so over it. Bring on Google Fiber, PLEASE! I want to rid myself of all this b.s. and just have a super-fast internet. I guess I could always move to Europe? For being the world’s super-power, we sure arel behind on our technology compared to other countries.

  27. Gloria Van Hof says:

    Same here with the price increases! I’m with Comcast and my bill just went up $30. It’s ridiculous to pay more for TV and internet than I do for any other utilities including electricity, gas, or service for two cell phones.

  28. jack thomas says:

    As of 27 July 2015 uverse has 2 Hallmark channets

  29. CH Charles says:

    AT&T worked great until I decided to pay for faster internet due to working at home. Paid $20 pr month more to go from 25 mbs to 45 mbs (still not very fast compared to comcast). Speed was good, reliability – terrible. I am now going on my seventh service call in two months. Indoor techs, new modems, line techs, splicing techs. None of them can locate the problem. Modem just randomly shuts down, service back in 30 sec to a minute, completely unpredictable. We loose phone, internet, and TV several times a day with no particular pattern. If you count on your internet to work go elsewhere. It’s really too bad as the TV portion is decent.

  30. Sharon lieberman says:

    It would take pages and pages to describe my run- ins with 20 years of Comcast, so I’ll spare readers the details. I once got positive and immediate results when I found the name of a local top executive, emailed her each dated struggle with their customer service and she responded right away and the problem ( quoted price for a move, installation, signal issues ) was fixed right away. For an issue with AT&T , I complained about my phone service on their Facebook page and heard from them within 12 hours. My strategy now is : register your problem first on company Facebook pages, loudly and publicly , and you just might get their immediate attention.

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