September 25, 2014 Jessica Sims
AT&T U-verse Vs Comcast: What’s the Better Choice?

AT&T U-verse Vs Comcast: What’s the Better Choice?

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If you’re trying to decide which high speed Internet provider to go with in your area, you’re not alone. Every day, customers switch from one provider to another for a variety of reasons: relocation, hopes of better service, to save money,  or to get more for their money.

Here’s a closer look at the current offerings from AT&T U-verse and Comcast, to help you decide which company will provide the services that best meets your needs.

AT&T U-verse: Digital TV, Broadband, and Home Phone

HD Channels

Most bundles don’t include HD service, but the service can be added for $10/month. With the cheaper plan, you will get up to 130 channels. With the higher priced bundle, you will get up to 360 channels. The number of channels available will depend on your local service area. Both bundles will include a DVR, but the more expensive bundle includes two HD ready receivers, whereas the cheaper bundle does not include an HD receiver. If you’re an avid movie watcher, the larger bundle includes the option to add HBO and Cinemax at no additional charge for the first three months.

Internet Speeds

The cheapest triple play bundle offers “Pro” Internet service featuring download speeds up to 3Mbps, with non-disclosed upload speeds. Other bundles offer “Max” Internet service, featuring speeds up to 12Mbps, with an undisclosed upload speed.

Phone Service

The telephone service between the two bundles is the same. It includes 250 minutes per month, with 20 additional calling features such as Call Waiting and Call Forwarding. Calls can be made to anywhere in the United States, Virgin Islands, Northern Marinas, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Additional minutes are billed at 5 cents each.

Comcast Triple Play

Which do You Prefer? AT&T Uverse or Comcast

Promotional Offers and Pricing

Comcast has several different Triple Play bundle options available, depending on how many TV channels you want, and how fast your want your Internet to be. The price ranges from $99.99 a month for 12 months to $199.99 a month for 12 months with a two year agreement. New customers are eligible to receive anywhere from $100 to $250 in cash back, depending on the bundle. These prices do not include taxes and service fees, which vary based on your local area.

HD Channels

  • The $99 bundle includes: 80+ channels, with the number of HD channels varying on the local area. Get Showtime for 3 months, for no additional cost.
  • The $119 bundle includes: 160+ channels including Starz, with the number of HD channels varying on the local area. Get Showtime for 3 months, for no additional cost.
  • The $139 bundle includes: 170+ channels, including Starz and HBO, with the number of HD channels varying on the local area.Get Showtime for 3 months, for no additional cost. This bundle also includes Infinity StreamPix, (a service similar to Netflix that allows for unlimited streaming of TV and movies to any TV, computer, or mobile device in the home.)
  • The $159 bundle includes: 200+ channels, including: HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime.The number of HD channels available will vary depending on the service area. This bundle also includes Infinity StreamPix, and the Sports Entertainment Package.
  • The $199 bundle includes: 200+ channels, including:  HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime and The Movie Channel. The number of HD channels available will vary depending on the local area. This option also includes Any Room DVR service, which allows you to record and watch from any room (up to four) in the home. This bundle also includes Infinity StreamPix, and the Sports Entertainment Package.
*The $99. $119, and $139 bundles include one year of Infinity StreamPix.

Internet Speeds

  • The $99 and $119 bundles include: up to 20Mbps download speeds. Upload speeds are not disclosed.
  • The $139, $159, and $199 bundles include: up to 30Mbps download speeds. Upload speeds are not disclosed.

Phone Service

All five bundle plans include unlimited calling to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with additional calling features such as: Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding.

Who Wins?

If you need a cost effective plan and aren’t too worried about your phone, then AT&T will likely be the best option. However, if you’re more concerned about the volume of service and your Internet speed, Comcast takes this one. With more bundles to choose from, greater TV offerings, and much faster Internet speeds, it beats AT&T hands down. If you need unlimited phone service, Comcast offers this with all plans, whereas the phone service with AT&T Uverse is limited.

As promotional offers and special deals are constantly changing and vary based on your local service area, we advise you to contact the companies to find out what the best deal in your area is. While we strive to keep our information current, prices and deals are subject to change at any time without notice.

10 comments on “AT&T U-verse Vs Comcast: What’s the Better Choice?”

  1. DAN says:


    • admin says:

      Awesome. We’re glad. :)

      • Timothy says:

        I’m not sure comcast really takes this one. I have comcast currently. I started off with the 20mb plan. received a free upgrade to the 50mb plan. Finally, I was upsold recently (told 5 dollars different) to the 100 mb comcast plan. I’ve done extensive speed tests and while the latency is excellent 15ms to 35ms the best download speeds I have received are 20mb with the normal average speed of 12. Upload speeds of 10mbs are normal however and I’m not sure Uverse can match that. It could be my area causing this issue of slower speeds but if your marketing 100mbs you should be able to deliver it at least during off peak hours. I have never once received above 24mbs.

        I’m holding out hope for google fiber. Until then I’ll bounce back and forth yearly because both are absorbant in their non promotional pricing.

  2. Steve says:

    Both services work but do your homework. Almost everything the phone reps tell you is wrong except negotiating price. Not until the tech arrives at your door will you be set straight and finally understand what you are getting. The techs should just work the phones because they are the only ones that no what the heck they are talking about.

  3. Sharon says:

    The reps on the phone will mislead you by telling you will get a promotional price for a certain number of months then a few months down the road your promotion will mysteriously end and no one will admit they promised you what they did. Get it in writing before you sign up.

  4. Tracy says:

    If your concerned about cost and being over charged then stay AWAY from Comcast! I recently moved ance was told my monthly bundle would cost $165/mo but when my first bill came it was $276 before I could get that bill resolved I received another bill for $522 at which time I cancelled the service and turned in the equipment….My final bill for 32 days of service was $704! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    Now I’m with u-verse and my bill is $72/mo and my internet speed is great!

  5. kurt says:

    After comcast tried to charge me twice for an old balance and a deposit when i moved ($226 was paid) then the rep said i was good at zero balance. Two months later, a charge of the same amount was tacked onto my bill that i already paid that they claimed was an error by the rep and that i owed another $226. $400 cable bill?, i think not. Told them to cancel me and immediately signed up for U-verse. I’ve had them before and had zero problems, and I’m saving $80/mo FOR THE SAME SERVICE…..

    Oh and their claim of having these 30mbit DL speeds and now being twice as fast….. ALL BS, there was never anything over ~18mbit DL speed, ever.

    Greedy comcast, you lost my business. My advice to others, stay away from comcast.

  6. ChuckPV says:

    I was promised a price of $157 per month plus taxes by comcást in January 2014 for cable with hbo, showtime and STARZ, most of the channels 1-300, 3 dvr’s, Internet and phone service. Until then, I had their top of the line Platinum package for about $250 per month (15+ years with Comcastt), but called in January to lower my cost some, which I thought I did and gave a few channels. My bills stayed over $200 per month. When I called repeatedly, they said no package existed to get what I had for $157 per month. I spoke with the Loyalty/Solutions department in May and they finally agreed to a price of $161 per month,. I had also contacted, an executive division, and they again said my price can’t be right, but they would review my account and listen to recordings of my calls with Comcast since January. They called me back, said the package just didn’t exist, but “for my trouble”, they would give me a $161 price plus taxes for June 2014-June 2015. The bills I received in July through September were each over $200. More calls, more hours, more suggestions that what I was quoting as a price wasn’t possible, but ECare once again said “for my troubles”, they would provide me the $161 per month price for 12 months and increase my cable service back to their top Premiere Package. Coincidentally, the same day I was talking to Comcast about this, an AT&T salesman came to my home and offered me UVerse Cable, the U450 package (apparently their top package, similar to Comcast’s Premiere) with Max Plus (18 Mbps) Internet service and phone service for $152 per month for 24 months. Alternatively, if I took just the cable U450 plus the Max Plus Internet service, but no phone service, the price was $122 per month for 12 months. While Comcast was $161 for all 3 services (just a $9 per month difference for the 2 companies, Comcast actually would increase the monthly price if I eliminated the phone service. So, the bottom line is $122 per month for AT&T’s U450 plus 18 Mbps Internet service, 3 wired receivers and one wireless, DVR compared to Comcast’s Premiere package with Internet and phone service for $161 per month, a difference of $40 per month ($500 per year) to give up a phone line I didn’t need.
    BUT, is AT&Ts cable service and their Internet service noticeable inferior to Comcast? While I despise Comcast, I have never had a problem with any of their services. Their billing practices should be investigated by the FCC and other agencies, but I suspect going from Comcast to AT&T is going from ISIS to Al Qaeda, all evil. I mentioned I was to,receive,18Mbps from AT&T, their Max Plus package, but when the paperwork arrived, it had me scheduled for their Elite package which is not so elite,at 6 Mbps. So the new evil,has begun and I haven’t had AT&T out to install anything yet.
    So I moved the installation date back a week and am writing you.. I understand your focus,is Internet, but any input is appreciated.

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