March 29, 2016 Jessica Sims
Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon Fios: A Thorough Comparison

Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon Fios: A Thorough Comparison

Verizon Fios TV, internet, and home phone deals updated 14 hours ago.

When comparing providers we all want the fasts speeds, the most channels, and the lowest prices.

While this would be a match made in heaven, I often saying that there are few industries where “You get what you pay for.” is more true than the Cable/Broadband industry.

Having been a customer of both Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios at different houses, I decided it was time to do a proper comparison of the two companies, but if you are looking for a short comparison it comes down to this:

Which to Choose: Verizon or Comcast

If the thorough comparison doesn’t interest you here, is the short answer:

Heavy Internet Users: Choose Verizon Fios

If you fall into these categories then choosing Fios is a “no brainer.”

  • You only want a internet connection because you watch TV online or via Netflix.
  • You or someone in your household identifies with the word “gamer” or “techie.”
  • You work from home or you want the fastest connection in your area.

60+ Hour a Week TV Watchers: Choose Comcast Xfinity

  • If you spend 60+ hours a week catching up on the latest shows, then I’d recommend you go with Comcast Xfinity for it’s new X1 cable box.
  • People who don’t use Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
  • People who use less than 250gb of data a month.

Everyone Else: Choose Verizon Fios

Having told every family member to switch to Fios (if it’s available in their area), I’ll recommend the same to you and if the stats and figures below don’t convince you then this one fact alone should.

Verizon Fios doesn’t charge you extra if you go over your monthly allotted data cap. In fact, Verizon Fios doesn’t have a data cap where Comcast make this a core part of their business and their data cap is hilariously low at 250gb/mo, then it’s $10 per 50gb over.

Now while, most of the comparisons I write are in broader strokes, I decided it was time to write a more thorough comparison because there is no doubt that both Verizon Fios and Comcast Xfinity are two of the companies leading the broadband industry, so it’s just right that we do an in-depth analysis instead of something more general.

Key Statistics Between Each Provider

While there are lots of statistics that different providers use to make themselves look better, when they are compared. The table below consists of the most important ones.

Verizon Fios Comcast Xfinity
Fastest Speeds Offered 500mbps 150mbps
% of Advertised Download Speed Delivered [1] 120.27% 102.77%
Connection Type Fiber Optic Coaxial Cable
Average Latency by Technology [2] 24.28ms 30.92ms
Technology Available to Consumers 2006 1997
ACSI Customer Service Rating [3] 71/100 57/100

In all honesty, I looked hard to find statistics that made Comcast look good, but there are few relevant ones. The only one that isn’t included above is that they are the nations largest cable company. While that probably doesn’t mean anything important to you, it could be a “win” in someone’s book.

Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon Fios Speedtest

To demonstrate the speed differences between Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios, I asked a friend who was switching between providers to record a speedtest from both companies using the same server, same computer, and same time of day. Below is the video of the results.

As you can see from the video, Verizon Fios’s 150/150mbps plan, one of their middle plans, is still faster than Comcast’s fastest plan. Not to mention the upload speed with Verizon Fios is 32 times faster than with Comcast.

Note: Comcast has increased it’s plans since the above video was recorded. (Sept 2015)

Overview of Verizon Fios

Verizon FIOS Logo with TV, laptop, and phone in background.Verizon Fios is the nation’s largest fiber provider. They operate in 13 states and cover over 40 million people.

Because Verizon Fios deliveries their service over fiber optic cables instead of traditional coaxial or phone wiring, they are able to deliver faster speeds with lower latency.

While consumers routinely agree that the companies within the “internet service industry” are some of the worst companies for customer satisfaction, Verizon is the best in the category. [4]

While I’m not sure if there is any prize to be won for the “best of the worst” it does point to them doing something better than their competitors.

Important: Don’t be like the other frustrated commenters below, check and make sure you can get Fios before you read any further. Because if you can’t get Fios why are you comparing. Here’s a link to their tool:

Key Highlights

  • Upside: Fios is Fiber: Verizon Fios’s fiber network allows them to offer blazing fast broadband speeds up to 500/500mbps. These speeds are only trumped by smaller fiber providers like that of Chattanooga and Google Fiber.
  • Upside: Symmetrical Plans: Fios just recently upgrade all of their “Fios Quantum” internet plans to be “symmetrical” which means they offer the same upload speeds as their download speeds. This means if you work from home, do video conferencing, or upload large files often, you’ll see a huge boost in some of the tasks you do.
  • Upside: Best in Industry Customer Service: Like I said before, being the best of the worst, isn’t great, but it’s something.
  • Upside: Solid Deals / Bundles: Verizon Fios is typically a little more expensive than Xfinity, but if you are comparing bundles and triple play plans typically you can find cost effective solutions.
Protip: Ready to get Fios? The easiest way to setup new Fios service is by calling their direct sales number 844-675-2584. Just enter your zip code and talk to a human immediately.

Verizon Fios Availability Map

While many customers wish they could have access to Verizon Fios service, it isn’t available in all locations. Below is a map of where Fios offers services, but to check your availability, use this page on Verizon’s website.

Verizon Fios Broadband Map

Overview Comcast Xfinity

comcast xfinity logoComcast is the nation’s largest cable provider. They operate in 39 states and cover over 113 million people. Over the recent years Comcast has upgraded the speeds of many of their services and the underlying technology behind their service. That said, their service is still based on wires that have been around, in many cases, for decades.

Additionally Comcast’s customers routinely rate Comcast as the worst company for customer satisfaction in the industry. And while this low rating is no surprise considering their recent PR disaster, [5] choosing Comcast as your provider does have 1 distinct upside when compared to Fios.

Key Insights:

  • Upside: Xfinity X1 Box: Comcast’s new cable box is a upgrade over that of other providers. Having used both Fios’s new Quantum TV box and Comcast’s new X1 box, it’s easy to notice the upgrade. If you’re a HUGE TV watcher then this is something you may want to pay attention to. You can learn more about the box here.
  • Downside: Comcast has a 250gb data cap meaning that if you use a lot of data or Netflix you’ll be paying a bunch more than what you see on your first bill, every month.
  • Downside: While for years Xfinity hasn’t been enforcing their data caps, in certain areas they now are tacking on an extra $30/mo for unlimited service.
Protip: Ready to get XFINITY? The easiest way to setup new service is by calling their direct sales number 855-287-7824. Just enter your zip code and talk to a human immediately instead of endless menus.

Comcast Availability Map

Comcast offers coverage across 39 states as show in the map below. To see if you can get Comcast, you can check your availability here

Comcast Broadband Map

Verizon Fios vs Xfinity in a Nutshell

Verizon Fios Summary:

Verizon Fios “Quantum” uses new faster technologies to deliver some of the fastest internet speeds in the country at a price that is still surprisingly cost effective.You should definitely choose Fios, if you are an avid gamer, tech junky, heavy internet users, or someone who works from home.

While Fios TV’s new box is new and improved, it is still a bit behind the new Xfinity X1 TV box. That said, don’t be scared off by it unless you watch A LOT of television because only the most avid TV watchers will notice the difference.

Comcast XFinity Summary:

If you spend 60+ hours a week watching TV, then I’d recommend you choose Comcast because their new X1 box is fantastic.
While Comcast’s TV is good, their internet is lousy. Comcast uses older technology than Fios, so they can’t offer the same speeds as Fios and they force you to have a 250gb data cap.

The Real Winner

Which do You Prefer? Verizon Fios or Comcast Xfinity

When you boil it all down, having options between both Fios and Xfinity is a good problem to have. Right now there are millions of Americans who only have access to one provider… so the fact that you have competition in your area means the providers have to work harder to keep you as a customer — meaning you are the real winner.

While this Fios vs Comcast comparison ended up significantly longer than I wanted, having been a customer of both Fios and Comcast 2 times respectively. (I’ve moved A LOT in the past 3 years) I recommend Fios hands down.

If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments.

Additionally we’ve created a new deals page specific to Fios and we try our best to keep it updated.

Last Updated: Sept 4th, 2015

References and Footnotes

  1. In 2012, the FCC showed that not all providers offered the speeds they advertised. While Comcast and Fios both showed above average speeds, other providers didn't. See the full 2012 report on the FCC's website.
  2. Every year the FCC measures the US's broadband. In the 2014 report the FCC showed that all fiber connections have a lower average ping than other connection types. For more details visit the FCC's website.
  3. The ACSI rates and compares companies across different industries. The score is based on an index of 100. For more details visit the ACSI home page.
  4. See footnote #3
  5. When a customer called to cancel their service, one of the customer service representatives gave them a hard time for almost 10 minutes. This call went viral. See the video here.

74 comments on “Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon Fios: A Thorough Comparison”

  1. Timothy says:

    I’m not sure, I really do love Xfinity’s new X1 box, but I don’t spend that much time on TV. Do you really think I should switch to Fios? My contract is expiring this fall. Thanks in advance.

  2. David Andrews says:

    I hate comcast, anything is better than that garbage.

  3. Nancy says:

    I listened to the comcast PR disaster phone call. Too funny.
    Thanks for the write up, definitely not switching to comcast.

  4. Larry says:

    My kids are gamers, which is better to keep them from whining?

    • admin says:

      We’d definitely recommend you get Fios. As mentioned in the article, lower ping will allow them to have a better experience.

  5. Kelly Saunders says:

    Wow, great writeup.

    I took your advice and signed up for the Fios bundle you recommened. It saved me $30/month and I now have speeds 40mbps faster than I did with xfinity.

    Thank you.

  6. Gail P says:

    Jess – Once again, your reviews are the best in the business. this comparison is great.

    Not only did I learn a ton about Fios, but more about fiber optics in general.

    Very cool to see the speed test.

  7. Coupe says:

    I frustrated with Verizon’s customer service. I am really thinking of signing up with Comcast. I pay $185 and been with verizon for years. It me dread made sense to me that we have to rent the boxes to watch tv. I feel there should be a free box and if you want certain features they charge a small fee. They threaten to charge over $500 dollars if you don’t return the box you were renting as though you should own it after a period of being a customer. I hate verizon & Comcast. Any other suggestions for cable internet and phone companies?

    • gatman du says:

      Well, I left Comcast when my bundle price ballooned to 280 a month. NOw Im with Verizon paying 114 a month and I have all the channels I watch. Combine that with faster internet and I feel like I’m winning. WIth a new baby boy I dont have much time for TV anymore.

  8. Jan says:

    Just the article I was looking for, but unfortunately you seem to have only compared the fastest (and most expensive) internet speeds from both companies. From a price comparison, Comcast offers the Blast service for $55 monthly (first year) and then $77 monthly, which is supposed to deliver 105 MBS, while FIOS offers its 50/50 service for $93 monthly. The price differences are significant with FIOS consistently more expensive. They have increased my cost over 25% in the last 2 years. Also, I cannot find anywhere that comcast limits downloads to 250GB in Maryland.

    • Mike says:

      The Data limit in Maryland is 300gb.

    • Ron says:

      The 250gb cap is suspended for the time being.

    • aptalca says:

      50/50 for $93? I am confused

      On Verizon’s Fios site, I am seeing 50/50 for $39/month plus taxes and surcharges with a 2 year contract

      I have had Comcast for years. Back in the day, I sued to be able to get the offered deal for the first year and when that was up, I could sign up for whatever new deal they had then. But a few years ago they made a distinction between new user and existing user deals. They simply do not offer any internet only deals to existing users. You have to sign up for double or triple play.I have no interest in tv or phone service.

      Now I am moving to an area where Verizon Fios is also available. I am seeing that Verizon’s internet only deals are much much better than Comcast. Sure they make you sign a contract but that’s fine. It’s not like can do without internet service anyway. As long as they give me the lower rate for the two years, I’ll be happy. I hate Comcast baiting you in with a decent price and than upping it without giving you any other options.

      Also keep in mind that even if Comcast gives you a high download speed, their upload speed is atrocious. That’s why you can never find any mention of their upload speeds on their website. Speedtest shows a max of 7Mbps. That sucks for uploading videos, doing online backups or using vpn.

      • aptalca says:

        Further research reveals that the price I am seeing includes a $45 discount every month because the house I am moving into is fiber-ready (I guess that means the previous tenants had Fios at some point so it is already wired)

        Without it, it would have been $85/month for 50/50 internet only

  9. Confused says:

    My town does not have Fios but from reading the great info you have I am well informed now.
    Unfortunately that means that I will go with comcast because it’s the only option.

  10. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the post. I joined Fios few years ago, it was a welcomed upgrade from my previous provider. HOWEVER….

    I have to mention that Verizon Fios is not really interested in keeping customers. The package/ price I had a few years ago was excellent and competitive. Now that my contract is up…the potential “upgrades” and “discounts” are almost insulting. The only option provided was a $10/ month discount from the regular package price (zero channel or internet speed upgrades). PLUS, the costs for live TV pause/rewind capability is hidden with Fios. I have to rent separate DVRs for multiple TVs to have option to rewind/ pause live TV; which costs approx. $20/mo per DVR. For a TV without a DVR, the pause/rewind function is not available and costs $12/mo to rent.

    As a note of caution. I had major pixilation on a certain TV on specific channels. The result of (several months of trouble calls) was the DVR is receiving interference from AT&T cell phone towers. The frequency of a section of channels is near the frequency range of AT&T wireless…every time my phone reaches out to the tower…I get major pixilation on the channel.

    I hope this helps. The base price/ speed may be good for a single TV and limited internet users……but if you look for returning customer discounts or have multiple TVs….make sure you take an extra look at the “shiny” deal that Verizon Fios offers.

    • Susie says:

      Had the same concerns you mentioned with Fios and have chosen to switch to Comcast with a savings of 70$ a month for a two year contract. Comcast also paid for my penalty charged by Fios to break my contract!!

    • MIke says:

      I just switched from Verizon to Comcast Xfinity X1. I had the exact same experience as you Dennis, especially the deal when it comes to keeping customers. I to felt insulted on what they were offering existing customers.

      For some reason the USA (HD) channel on Verizon almost never records, watching it live it has terrible pixilation. The box would freeze when watching live and recorded shows too. Had to get a new box twice in the 2 year period.

      We’ve only been on X1 for about week now but am starting to really like it. They gave us a deal on the 105mb package (from the Verizon 35/35 package) and it’s been working well. Doing speed tests periodically is producing speeds of about 125mb. Now you do give up the faster upload, it’s about 10mb — however I do constant backups online and there are times it clocks at around 400mb — not sure what’s going on there but I like it! 😉

      A few differences I’ve found that I like with Comcast X1 is the ability to watch on my phone or tablet (I think Verizon has this but it was clunky at best). I like that I can start to watch a recorded show on my phone and then pick up where I left off on the TV or another device. I like the voice-to-text feature of voicemail.

      So far I’m not missing anything from Verizon — I’m appreciating the far superior user interface that X1 provides – and the speed to which it works. The X1 interface blows Verizons out of the water hands down no contest and new features seem to be rolling out regularly. Verizons DVR seemed to work slower when I was doing something – it looks very out of date when you compare it to the X1.

      The Verizon DVR also limited us to record 2 shows at the same time, one of which you had to watch if you wanted to see a third. There were times when we had recording conflict because we wanted to record 3 shows at the same time but could not. The Comcast X1 lets you record 4 shows at once and watch a fifth. I understand the new Verizon Quantum let’s you do this as well but that ends up costing about $27/month vs $17 for the 2 shows version.

      We moved from Comcast to Verizon about 2 years ago and at the time Verizons features (especially the speed increase from 5mb to 35mb) were a definite improvement. Now we have switched back to Comcast and I can say the same thing about this switch. So far things have been far improved. I think Comcast has done a far superior job with their mobile apps as well.

      I have no brand loyalty to either Verizon or Comcast as they both have their issues. I tried not to switch, mainly to avoid the inconvenience, but as of now I’m glad I did. I seemed to want to stay with Verizon more then they wanted to keep me. I was really getting annoyed at Verizons lack of interest in keeping me, they had zero leeway to negotiate a real deal. I called them after my contract was up and wanted the deal they were offering new customers, they would not offer me the deal or anything close. Their counter offer was lame and insulting.

  11. Michael newton says:

    I still have an issue with fios…. I understand that at high end speeds fios is far superior to comcast; however, I have the 25 Mbps comcast service ($55/ mo). Yes, it’s horribly inconsistent, (I get as low as 12 Meg’s during peak times. But calling to switch, fios wants to charge me $55 for 6 meg download speed. I don’t see how paying double for each Mbps makes monetary sense, even if the service is consistent in the speed it offers.

    Where am I mistaken in this comparison?

    • admin says:

      Michael — Are you sure that Fios is available in your area? Sounds like you are shopping for Verizon DSL which is much different than Fios.

  12. Peter says:

    I recently switched to Verizon Fios and should have done it long ago. It’s wonderful. They truly deliver what they offer. Had Comcast for more than five years, started out ok, but then became a terrible experience, to the point where I could no longer enjoy having internet. It was once recommended by an Apple technician who told me Verizon Fios is their ISP and that Verizon uses the latest technology, whereas Comcast’s equipment is old and outdated. I would have done the switch sooner, but had to wait until it was available in my area. Even Comcast’s customer service is awful, it was always like speaking with someone in a third world country, whenever I contacted them. The difference is night and day.

  13. Ken Dibble says:

    What would be your suggestion regarding Internet streaming only? We are wiring our new home for internet only and trying to cut the cord on cable. Which company offers the best speeds, etc? Any thoughts on how to get your ESPN fix as a video streamer? Also, I don’t watch much live TV. I hate commercials, so I tape almost everything? Thoughts?

    • admin says:

      Definitely go with Fios. Fios doesn’t have a cap on your bandwidth and that will be critical to what you are doing.

      • Chris says:

        I think you need to clarify that Comcast aren’t applying the cap and that in the VZ fine print, they reserve the right to apply a cap at any time. Believe me, when one of them decides to, they will all apply caps.

  14. zman says:

    I totally agree with Dennis.
    I have been with Fios for over 6 years, they offer no incentives to keep existing customers.
    My contract expired in August/2014 and now they want me to renew the same services for $10 discount a month.
    While they are offering 400 Visa cards and new equipment to new members.
    I have 2 neighbors who switched to Xfinity XF HD triple play service with 105 Mb internet and they are very happy.
    I have been over to one of them and tested the speed via and it is the same as advertised.
    The DVR can record multiple shows at once and the picture is as good as Verizon Fios.
    I am going to switch to Xfinity from version Fios and report back in a month.

    • wicked-warlock says:

      It is the same way with Comcast. Both companies fail to offer deals to keep customers. I’ve just joined Verizon because I’m sick of Comcast. They call me and tell me you been with us for 15 years, we don’t want you to go. They offered nothing to keep me a loyal customer. The internet was a joke, my 105mbps service kept dropping down to 10-30mbps after 3 weeks. Doesn’t matter how many times I try to reset it. IT would do the same thing until I had to call customer service. Comcast throttles bandwidth, period. I don’t care what they tell you. Comcast isn’t any better than Verizon when it comes to customer service.

  15. Dick says:

    Currently a Comcaster but within 24 hours will be a FIOSer.
    I am OK with Comcast service but looked to save a bit of money. My triple bundle was about $185 and they were willing to come down to $145. FIOS, new in my neighborhood in Washington, DC, is offering $80/month for 2 years. This sounds like a terrific savings but in fact when all is said and done, with taxes, fee, and equipment rental my bill will be only about $10 cheaper. Going with FIOS anyway, even though I hate change. Big incentive is FIOS is giving me a $400 prepaid Visa card!! and all premium movie channels are included.
    About data caps, I never heard of there being a data cap and when I asked at Comcast about it they said there was no data cap.
    Looking forward to having multiple voice mail boxes on my landline. I don’t like Comcast voice mail very much but I imagine my FIOS voice mail will be like my old Verizon phone (hoping)

    • Rob says:

      It sounds like both companies do not want to retain customers. I really wish they would as switching is a pain. I was happy with Verizon until my contract ended and they would not give me any discounts. My bill jumped $30 and I have autopay and therefore paid in time and regularly. I could get the same service from Comcast $40 less then Verizon for at least the first two years. Then we will see if they want to keep me as a customer

  16. Lorraine Jones says:

    I chose Comcast over Verizon because of their consistency. Verizon spent a lot of money on Fios and eventually laid off a lot of their workforce. The bottom line, Comcast has been around since 1963 and they continue to innovate. Comcast may not have spent a billions of dollars to go the fiber route, but at least Comcast upgrades in stages. I watch a fair amounto TV, but Internet service is more important and Comcast has never let me down. I am sticking with Comcast.

    • robin hood says:

      I just got a 4k TV and wondering which company can provide my TV the data necessary to stream 4k movies. I’m interested in the best price for internet only.

  17. Michele says:

    What is the difference you refer to with the Comcast X1 box? Is the picture clearer? We watch a lot of TV but also work from home and use the internet a lot.

  18. Larry Dubois says:

    I drove twenty miles to my sons home to be there when a tech would be over from Comcast. Comcast guaranties to be there within a two hour frame period. Mine was 2 to 4 o’clock. At four I got a call informing me the tech would be there in 45 minutes. A tech showed up and said he was waiting for another tech that had the required replacement parts. At 5:30 pm my son arrived and told the tech that he should go. He called Comcast and for the next hour or so was passed on from person to person and got nothing resolved. The offered him a reduction of twenty dollars off his bill as a pacifier not telling him this is automatic when their do not arrive in the time frame. They sent up another appointment in a week, My son will be at work. Here I go again. My son hates everything about Comcast but their the only game in town. Once they have you as a customer after you finish your special deal your at their mercy Sorry, I just had to vent myself. I am reading all the comments because I am looking to go with Fios in my home

  19. nazmi says:

    Can some one tell me the internet prices for both please im considering on switching to Verizon but I’d like to know the price differences

  20. Piqued in Pacific NW says:

    We’ve been chomping at the BIT waiting for Comcast to have a viable competitor in the Pacific NW when it comes to internet!! With Microsoft, Nintendo, all the biotech and so many other real high-speed needs, why oh why is it taking so long for us to get Fios out here!!??!!??

    Does anyone have any ETA as to when Fios will be in the Pacific Northwest? We live in Seattle, I work from home, and on the computer 6 to 8 hours a day and have two kids in K12 (online public school). Five computers, three devices, two TVs and other entertainment devices wired in – we would be so grateful to be off the Comcast teat!! The two things that matter most to us – dependability and customer service, Verizon Fios offers but not in Seattle. We even have been Verizon Wireless customers for 15 years because of the excellent customer service and, in spite of other price enticements from other carriers (and changing and lost benefits with Verizon due to more expensive phones), we won’t switch. Our experience has been that heir customer service is just that good.

    • CLF59 says:

      Frontier Communications is the Fios provider in the Seattle area. For now though, they are only Lynnwood & north on the west side & Kirkland/Redmond (?) area on the east side. Bellevue is not included on the east side. We just built in Kirkland & am reading everything I can to see whether to switch from Comcast X1 to Frontier. Upload speeds through Comcast are horrible. During the day I have download speeds of 75 mbps but one evening it was only 1.7 mbps (according to! We don’t have a landline.

  21. Robb Q says:

    Good comparison! I would like to add that both have pros and cons. but its the little things that make you want to switch. My gripes are with the set tops. My FIOS had a great response times changing the channels, and the Picture was great, switching to X1 8 months ago was great, however the new X1 remotes have a delay, changing and refreshing channels is a bit laggy. Great DVR.

    Once you add on the additional set tops it adds up. X1 triple play premier is $109 with 1 dvr. = 4 HD set tops $39 plus $8 4 port gig e router rental with decent 60+MB wifi. $167 month…. this goes up in a few months. Switching back to FIOS for 24 months of the Full Entertainment package. for $165 month. Have to downgrade a few set tops to basic set tops, and be creative using apple tv and xbox for other tv’s etc…. I’m lucky to be able to have the choice, but it really stinks having to deal with switching to get the better prices…COMCAST VERIZON make the HD set tops $3 per month instead of $10.

    • wicked-warlock says:

      Honestly, I do like Comcast on demand better because they update the content faster. Some of the shows are weeks behind on Verizon. Internet is clearly the best with Verizon. Comcast simple controls the service by throttling the connection hope people do not notice it. Picture quality for tv can go either way. But I think FIOS is a little nicer picture but like I said, their on-demand isn’t as up to date. Something Verizon needs to address if they want to win customers over faster.

  22. Arthur says:

    I wish I could switch to verizon fios. I’m in washington state and according to the map there’s no coverage out here for it. All I want is fast internet for my streaming services and gaming and a home phone. 🙁

  23. Jack Hawley says:

    Have had both and Comcast is constantly breakingdown and then you can’t get them on the phone as ” our volume is to heavy at this time “. I hate comcast !!!!!

  24. Phil LaBrake says:

    We live in Manchester NH and the only real good provider is Comcast. I work from home and am a heavy gamer. We have the 105 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up. The internet is good but I would love FIOS. I built our network from the modem to the router with the CAT 7 wiring. FIOS is not available here.

  25. Jonh says:

    Thank you for the comparison test.

    I don’t like either ISP. They do nothing to keep loyal customer. I have been a Comcaster for ages and have been forced to change for the very first time to FIOS double play soon due to Comcast price increasing and FIOS current bundles offer for the next two years. After tax, equipments rental for the TV it will be about the same price as Comcast i.e. ~$80. But FIOS advantage is 10TB cap vs 300GB, a few HD vs all STD Channel, free HBO, Showtime, and Netflix for 1 year. I guess that I have to play their game i.e. switching every two years or so to get the best deal.

  26. Jonh says:

    Sorry, I jump the gun. It turns out that I can’t switch to FIOS. My wife use extensively Xfinity wifi hotspot and Verizon doesn’t have any equivalent

  27. Harry says:

    The problem with verizon is that they announce a new product and then take four or five years to deliver. Both give rotten service, but it depends who you get on the phone. I’m leery of VoIP which is what you get with both packages and verizon lies to you about the battery backup you need for the system (you cannot get a replacement at Home Depot or lowes). I’m going with verizon for the Internet speed. I will not be saving money, and I’m concerned that I will lose some specialty channels.

  28. Leisa says:

    I just signed up for FIOS. I have had COMCAST for 22 years. I had to downgrade my service with COMCAST in order to keep the bill manageable. Comcast’s customer service is awful. Their service is spotty at times and when I call them, I cannot understand the operators. They are mostly heavily accented Hispanic, with a sprinkling of Indian on occasion. The new bill (FIOS triple play bundle) will be about $5.00 more BUT I will get about 60 more channels including all of the premium movie channels as well as better internet speed for a 2 year contract. AND I get the $400.00 VISA card. Talking with Verizon was great as I can understand their operators and they have told me that their customer service is completely USA based and easy to understand. All in all, the bill was a tad bit higher but the services are much better, I could go with a lower tier and saved $30.00 a month but I couldn’t resist the preferred services. Hopefully, once I have all the switching completed and have the bill worked out for the new FIOS service I will be happy. I have to be. For at least say, 2 years. Thanks for your review, I feel like I have made a good choice.

  29. Precious says:

    I switched from Comcast to Verizon and I’m extremely over it. Verizon doesn’t come with the Wifi hotspot that Comcast has, I mean he’ll Optimum even has it, why is Verizon behind on this? I can’t even catch up on my show cause Verizon is always behind, I used to be heavyly dependent on my On Demand streaming from my IPad I can’t because they don’t even have the complete shows there, I’m just faustrated, and it because i listened to your review.

  30. 00SubZero00 says:

    I am in Richmond VA and I switched 3 years ago from Comcast to FioS. I have no love for either company but some a service comparison – Verizon beats Comcast with no effort. Fios picture quality is superb. My internet speeds blew away Comcast. The day we switched my speeds were 300% faster for what was equivalent service level. Yes you read that correctly – it’s not a typo: 300%. Another really important factor especially if your a TIVO user – Comcast sets the copyright bit on *EVERYTHING* but OTA. So if you use Tivo, kiss the ability to use Tivo2go or kmttg to offload shows goodbye. With new streaming ability with the new tivos might be a non issue but if you want to offload shows Fios lets you on most channels except premium channels like HBO. With Comcast I had multiple service issues and what a major PITA that was to resolve. I had billing issues from day one that took 4 months to fix – I owned the cable modem but that billed me a rental fee. When I canceled they billed me for the modem yet again which I did not pay – I let it go to collections because they’re too were too incompetent to fix it. I would never in my right mind ever go back to Comcast. Oh btw the # of service issues on Fios? ZERO in 3 years going on 4 in July 2015.

    • Damian says:

      I can easily hear your frustration and appreciate this report. I guess you just decided for me. There really is no choice. Who would ever want to go through that with Comcast?

  31. helene dilks says:

    Comcast is the most awful company on this planet. Recently I have spent days fighting with them. I have had several tech appointments and they don’t come nor do they have a record of an appointment. I gather Comcast has too many people complaining about their services to deal. So they have out sourced their services to the Philippines, where you have to talk to people you can’t understand and who are reading a script. It would take hours of writing to explain what I have been through. All I can say is that it does boarder on the ridiculous it is rediculous

  32. Damian says:

    FIrst I wanted to thank you for such a thorough and unbiased account. You were not paid, I assume, for all the time you spent researching this issue and I appreciate it a great deal.

    I am in a rare position. For a short time, Verizon offered a lifetime guarantee that the cost of my HSI would not go up, so I have taken advantage of that. While I have been at times told to prove I have this agreement (I kept in writing the agreement and have had to send it through snail mail as proof), so far Verizon has honored the contract. Of course, as you say, if I am not interested in either FIOS or Comcast presently, then why am I here. I am here because I do not know what will happen if Verizon picks up the HSI replacing it with FIOS and forces me to make a choice perhaps violating the agreement.
    But once again, my main reason for leaving a note is to say thanks for this report! I am certain most of the country is/was interested in the answer!

  33. Gray says:

    So, it is 2015. I pay 58$ for internet, that includes the stupid modem fee. I do not agree with the modem fee, but I love the 126Mbps in my area. I am supposed to only get 105Mbps, but I guess I am lucky. I used to be a verizon costumer for 8 years, I didn’t try the FIOS internet service, I used to have their 3Mbps speed @ $54, (internet+Phone-line). LOL!!!. Once I switched I never tought about verizon ever again. This review is not accurate for my experience. 15.7MBps downloads on steam, love it.
    At this time, in California, there is no 250GB limit.

  34. Lynn says:

    I just signed up for Xfinity 2 days ago and am already OVER IT. The tech comes with 2 boxes for the 2 tvs I wanted cable on, can’t seem to figure out why they won’t work, and comes back about an hour later with 1 box and 1 splitter and tells me I never ordered 2 (regardless of him coming with 2 boxes and me showing him my confirmation e-mail) and I “must have skipped a step ordering online” and to “never order online because the orders rarely go through correctly and I should have just called customer service to order”. He left in a rush, telling me I had to call customer service because what I was telling him was wrong and I needed to pay for another box. I call up Customer Service as the tech recommended, and she told me I did in fact order 2 boxes and wasn’t sure why the tech insisted I did not. Well that was just the beginning. I go to turn on On Demand after he leaves, and it doesn’t work. Also, the SD picture quality at first was EXTREMELY blurry (such as… you’re at the eye doctor because you feel blind and he asks you to read the smallest line). A day later, still the same. This morning, a bit better but still not as clear as the digital antenna I was using prior to getting Comcast. I wanted to attempt to troubleshoot the On Demand myself before another call to Customer Service, so I grabbed the welcome packet I was given and open it to find TWO DIRTY NAPKINS/TISSUES. After a call to customer service, I got my installation fees waived as the tech did not set up both tvs and I need another tech to come out tomorrow with another box for the other tv… not to mention the dirty napkins left me LIVID. I’ve had work the past 2 days so I didn’t get a chance to check out my channels or his actual cable wiring. Turns out, the wiring is loose and the nails are already coming out of the drywall, AND he nailed the coaxial cable into my hardwood floors which I do not own! I’m in a rental, can you at least ask me where I would prefer it to go before you do so?? After checking out my cable, I realized I’d like to upgrade to a more expensive package to get additional channels. I call customer service who tells me I’d owe an extra $40 (not bad) however I may want to check online as I might find a better deal there. I chat with an online rep, who offers me a package $50 more expensive than the phone rep, and I politely explain I cannot afford that and need it to be as inexpensive as possible. She transfers me to another rep, who offers me a package $60 more expensive since my services would need to be changed and a promo would no longer be available to me. Seriously?? I just had it installed TWO DAYS ago, not to mention it is a no contract plan. But because I am now an existing customer, they could not help me with a better promo. What horrible customer service. I understand they work in sales and want to make money, however when a customer wants to stay with you just upgrade to a promo comparable to their competitor, why not match rather than lose the customer? I just finished a chat with Verizon, who first offered me a package I did not need, then instead listened to my needs when I explained I did not need something expensive and wanted to get the best deal for the channels I need. I do not want to rent equipment like you must do with Verizon, yet after the experience I’ve had with Comcast I’m just thinking about the bill right now rather than the horrible customer service both offer (I had FIOS about 7 years ago).

  35. Paul Stauffer says:

    I am a Comcast customer and have been for years. But for me (retired and on a fixed income) they are getting too expensive. I use the Internet a lot more more than I watch TV. The only reason I am keeping Comcast is for the High Speed Internet. If I could choose the TV channels I want to watch and ONLY the TV channels I want to watch, keep my broadband internet and voice service, at a REASONABLE cost (best bang for the buck) I would be happy. Hey, I can dream, can’t I.

  36. Reggie says:

    Verizon has the better internet connection, it’s more stable, more robust connections(from office to home), using better technology(fiber’s hard to beat, signal travels faster on light, than the old standard, copper wire, and capacity on it is by far, more robust.). The real problem I see, is that when your deal is up, you get raked over the coals. All types of charges, and your bill exponentially increases. I’ve had both, but settled on comcast, ya gotta eat you know, and fios takes too much away from monthly bills, that are more important, than watching maury.

  37. RURAL says:

    In the rural area I am planning to move into, Comcast is the only option available. Verizon provides only wired and mobile telephone service. No Fios. Does anyone have experience convincing Verizon to bring Fios to a rural area. If so, could you please share? Thanks

  38. Ru D says:

    We are among the 9.7% in Montgomery County that do not have Verizon Fios available to us – while homes across the street from us do have it. We’re told that it’s too expensive for Verizon to wire our 15-year old condo building for Fios. So we suffer from Verizon’s so-called high speed WiFi internet that works like a turtle. We have two computers, two smartphones and a tablet and if we’re simply looking the wrong way, the phones and the tablet just don’t get WiFi, and it’s pretty slow on the computers. But, reading the comparison and replies above, we definitely don’t want Comcast. So, what’s a family to do…?

  39. Bob M. says:

    I’ve been a Comcast customer since 1989. Having played their game for 20+ years, I finally made the switch to Fios and have been with them for about 1 year now. Here’s my comparison…

    1) Their service is frequently inconsistent. The internet, TV, or phone service would randomly go down at what seemed to be the most inopportune moments.
    2) When the cable box would reset, it rendered the Cable Guide useless for hours at a time.
    3) The equipment needed to be exchanged frequently, due to being outdated. So I had to find time in my day to drive down to my local cable provider, and wait in line to exchange their equipment.
    4) Their customer service is atrocious. Every time I called about a problem, the tech would run down the same series of steps to recover the service. (Unplug the modem/router, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in, etc…). I have the steps memorized by now. I’ve tried them all before calling customer service. However they want you to humor them and do it again while they’re on the phone. They talk down to you like you’re a child. Maybe they have to, because of all the stupid people in the world. I don’t know… but I found it to be insulting. However, every time I nailed Comcast with an error due to their ineptitude, I expressed to them how inconvenienced I was, and they were quick to give me a $20 discount. But only one $20 discount can be applied per billing period.
    5) Their package deals are excellent to begin with, but when nearing the end of the contract always feel like you’re paying too much. They do offer a return customer package deal that requires a new 2 year contract, which for me worked out to be $20 off the total bill.
    6) Internet speeds were fast and acceptable… when the internet didn’t go down.

    1) Haven’t had any problems with any of their equipment, thus far. One year and counting. The cable box does sometimes reset itself, but Fios’ ability to pause and rewind live TV makes this inconvenience minor, at worst.
    2) The cable box resets and upgrades itself without any “wiping” of the cable guide.
    3) Never having had any problems with their equipment means I never had to return anything.
    4) Also never having had any problems with their service, I’ve never had to call their customer service. Keeping in mind that I’ve had this service for about 1 whole year… and no problems.
    5) They also have excellent package deals, some including gift cards. Mine came with a $300 gift card and a free tablet.
    6) Fios internet speeds were just as fast as Comcast, and even much faster when it came to upload speed.

    Altogether, when all package deals expire for Fios, I’ll be paying about $10 per month less for the same service I was getting from Comcast. Faster internet, a $300 gift card and a free tablet, with better equipment and less inconvenience on my end. Maybe my opinion will change when my contract expires, but for now, Fios wins hands-down.

  40. Tom MD says:

    I lived with Comcast in Baltimore City for many years and found both the cable and internet to be acceptable. What is really horrible is their customer service. I would call up, make an appointment, and then they would never show up. When you called back they denied ever having the appointment. A $25 credit was promised but it too never showed up.
    I moved to Baltimore County and immediately signed on with Fios. I see a slight improvement in the cable quality and the internet speed is fast but I really don’t need the super high speed. What I did immediately see was superior customer service and VERY professional installation. Comcast would send out representatives that were clueless and rarely had more than a year with the company. Fios is head and shoulders above Comcast. What also really upset me were the Comcast ads that implied that only their service could handle multiple units in a home. What BULL!
    One plus I will give to Comcast is their App. The Fios App is terrible. It freezes up, has limited away from home channel selection, and Verizon just doesn’t seem to be interested in improving it. The Comcast App could get all the Premium channels I subscribed to, and many times I could download shows and watch them on the plane (I travel a lot). Fios has no downloading capability.
    One final comment on Fios. It appears Verizon is backing away from land lines/Fios. They aren’t expanding and in fact they have sold off areas in California, Texas and Florida. With this going on, one wonders what is the future of this service. I hate to think Comcast will control it all.


    The most important statistic is MONEY. A detailed monthly, yearly cost analysis is what is most important. I don’t measure with a sports clock to see who is faster. Who really cares?

  42. LISA says:

    I really hate Verizon’s customer service. Nevertheless we fall into the heavy internet usage category. I still need to lower my bill. My husband watches mlb, nba, and nfl tv plus political news channels. I watch women genre shows. We don’t watch a lot of movies. Presently have FIOS Utimate package. Price just went up. Need to lower

  43. taher says:

    Great article, thanks a lot. Hands down, Verizon comes out as a winner in my dictionary. I HATE Comcast forever.

  44. Robert cantrell says:

    I am in a dilemma, I am not as tech savvy as most who are posting. I have been with Comcast since they acquired/took over, the former cable company. I have experienced a recent loss of “Internet/ Telephone” service for 6 days, this has been an ongoing problem for the last couple of years. I called Verizon they offer FIOS in my area, I have trepidation for fear of losing my emails, ( email service), ” International -call plan”, basic plus TV channels . Are my concerns justified if I switch to Verizon, will everything I now have be retained. I would appreciate any comment. I am totally disgusted with Comcast!! Thank you for any feed back!!

  45. Brian says:

    I am a long time FIOS customer and was fairly happy until Verizon decided to stop carrying my two favorite channels. In September, the Sportsman’s Channel and The Outdoor Channel were cancelled from FIOS. I was already paying a premium tier cost to have them. Now I am stuck in premium tier without the channels I was paying for. I feel the Verizon is taking an antihunting or antigun stance and I want to leave for that reason. I am a high internet usage guy as well so I am worried about Comcast caps.

    Very frustrated.

  46. Elroy says:

    FiOS all the way. Have had Comcast and its slow compared to Verizon FiOS.

  47. Valery says:

    With all this confiusion, I remain “divided”, using Verizon for Internet and phone (2 lines) for $100/ mo and Comcast for one-above-basic TV (5 sets) for another $100. I’d move to Fios but they charge $15 per set vs Comcast $3. That seems to equalize the overall account, not allowing to go below $200/mo in any case.
    Where am I wrong? Am I?

  48. Mo says:

    I currently have FIOS and Verizon raises the costs all the time. Verizon wants me to take a two year contract for a better deal. The contract means that I must have FIOS digital voice service. Currently I have the regular service. It is my understanding that the digital service is VOIP. Does anyone know if this is true? Is there a downside to the digital voice service?

  49. Bill says:

    The best of both worlds…get DTV for TV and DVR, sometimes the weather will affect it. Get the best deal and speed for internet from Verizon or Comcast or whoever. Switch when you have to switch based on price. DTV customer service sucks, so does Comcast, but Verizon is good, at least for customer service. Do the math.

  50. Joe says:

    If I switch from Comcast to Verizon can I keep my email address?

  51. W.Wilson says:

    My neighborhood has FiOS available but my home is wired for cable what are my options?

  52. Erik Boserup says:

    I have Verizon FIOS and have enjoyed Pandora on all of my sets for years. I just found out that “Frontier” is now my provider and they do not have Pandora. Is there a way to get Pandora on all my sets’ surround sound without switching to Comcast?

  53. Chuck says:

    Hi Jessica

    I just have a simple question?
    What is fios 100mbps in comparison to an xfiniti plan?
    I’m thinking of switching to Comcast 150mbps from my current fios 100mbps. Am I making a mistake?

    Please advise. Thanks

  54. Bill says:

    Can’t get Fios at our location so I think Comcast is the only option for us at this time.

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