September 22, 2014 Jessica Sims
Cox VS Time Warner Cable

Cox VS Time Warner Cable

Both Cox and Time Warner Cable have some very similar offerings on tap, and they do compete in a few markets with one another.  Who would come out on top of a comparison between the two?  Read on to find out…

Internet Speeds

Both Cox and Time Warner Cable offer broadband delivered over a digital cable service to very large markets.  Surprisingly, both companies have very similar performance tiers ready to order.  Time Warner Cable offers speeds ranging from up to 10 Mbps down/1 Mbps upload to 50 Mbps download/ and 5 Mbps up with two intermediary steps in the middle.  Cox has a wider range starting at up to 3 Mbps down all the way up to a slightly swifter than-Time Warner 55 Mbps.

Cox knows well how to leverage its basic 3 Mbps service, which in all candor is way more than sufficient for those with modest needs.  Browsing, YouTube, even video streaming on anything but the highest level is all perfectly acceptable on a 3 Mbps service, though multiple users will obviously want for more.  While Cox obviously leverages its value service as exactly what it is, a bargain basement broadband solution compared to other offerings, they also match up other offerings very well.

At the end of the day Cox has a slightly wider range of offerings than Time Warner, but both companies remain very competitive in terms of price.  Cox has slightly better offerings giving it a very minor advantage in this regard.

Digital Cable Offerings

Time Warner has deep media roots, even if the different business units have been separated from one another for some time.  Cox on the other hand has no such media ties or history, and so one might think that Time Warner would have a serious advantage when it comes to digital cable offerings.  The numbers tell an interesting story: Both companies have a lot to offer, and both have a lot to teach other services.

Cox offers up 40 channels at the low end of the spectrum to around 270 at the peak, but those figures do not necessarily include or factor in double-dipping with HD or additional packages of channels.  Cox does serve up some very well-designed channel groupings, especially for Spanish language interests, something Time Warner could probably learn something from.   Time Warner starts with more channels depending on the market, generally around 60, but tops out at around 250 in a bundle.  What Time Warner does offer that Cox lacks are integrated features like the ability to look back up to 72 hours in case you missed a program.  This unique way to combine DVR-like On Demand features ensures that missing a show is not such a big deal any more.

VoIP Services & Other Offerings

Both Cox and Time Warner have VoIP services, and both work very well.  Given the massive amount of broadband on tap, some people may be better off looking at dedicated VoIP offerings unless bandwidth consumption is a concern.  Both companies also offer security integration, a feature that was once going to be a cornerstone of Fios and U-verse.  The integration is nothing short of amazing, but we have to give the edge to Time Warner for a well-designed app and great support.  Note that Cox has an app as well, but it is not quite as polished as Time Warner’s at the time of this writing, but things can certainly change with future updates.

Who Wins?

Ultimately it is the consumer that wins when two companies are so well matched up as this.  If you doubt this, take a step back in time about 4 or 5 years.  Consider that broadband speeds tended to be single to very low double digits, and people were impressed with that.  The same is true of a comparatively modest channel lineup with a very low percentage of high definition channels by comparison to what both companies have on tap at the present time.  Both carriers offer great deals on amazing services, and while they may not compete in every single market they are still driving one another to even greater heights of offerings at even lower prices day by day.

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