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Latency, The Next Broadband Measuring Stick?

For years now there has been a very narrow focus on performance of broadband networks: bandwidth.  Every carrier touts their latest plan and how fast it is, but the truth is that doubling the speed of a connection does not always double the value of the experience.  There are some system limitations and perhaps even […]

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‘Up To’ Broadband Performance Explained

The term ‘up to’ gets used quite frequently in broadband performance circles, but defining it can be very difficult to do.  What exactly does ‘up to’ mean when Comcast and other companies use it and how can it really mean that when it comes to something that should be as scientific as networking?  These are […]

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FiOS Goes Quantum on the Competition

Hail to the King!  As of June 18th, Verizon’s FiOS is getting even faster.  How fast?  Well, slow down there a second and let’s take a step back and look at the whole situation before discussing drool inducing speeds!  This will prove doubly handy as it will give you time to get a towel ready, […]

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Comcast Vs. Time Warner Cable

Comcast is a top tier digital cable provider and one of the nation’s largest ISPs, but Time Warner is not exactly a niche ISP.  Time Warner has a substantial background in media, but also in distribution and networking that makes them a great contender for Comcast.  How do the two of these companies stack up […]

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Cox Vs. Time Warner Cable

Both Cox and Time Warner Cable have some very similar offerings on tap, and they do compete in a few markets with one another.  Who would come out on top of a comparison between the two?  Read on to find out… Internet Speeds Both Cox and Time Warner Cable offer broadband delivered over a digital […]

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Commercial Hopping Future or Fiction?

Commercials.  To some these are signals to flip the channel or surf a different page, to others they are a source of amusement.  Either way, there has always been an industry for making commercials and a counter-industry for getting rid of them.  While advertisement blockers have been around on the web for a very long […]

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Comcast Xfinity Too Fast For Its Caps?

Comcast has some amazing cable-based broadband services on tap, but the company has long been maligned for its early data of imposing data caps.  While an ounce of honesty back at the outset would probably have stemmed public outrage of discovering caps in place before contract revisions were even available for the public to see, […]

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FiOS vs. Xfinity

Comcast’s Xfinity services offer blazing fast broadband performance, industry-leading digital cable services, and even digital telephone services via the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies.  How does Xfinity stack up against similar offerings on tap via Verizon’s fiber optic FiOS network?  It all depends on how you value the following traits: availability, broadband […]

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Comcast Vs. Cox

Comcast and Cox are two of the nation’s biggest cable internet providers and they both vie for the attention of millions of consumers.  How do they stack up against each other?  To answer that, we need to look at value, performance, bundling, and additional considerations. Both Offer Strong Value Examining prices in a few markets […]

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FiOS For Sale?

Verizon has a very long history of being indecisive regarding its FiOS network.  At times the company has seemed eager to build out and expand its fiber optic network to new markets, while other times the company has withdrawn from its fiber optic fervor.  Now it seems as if the pendulum has swung even further […]