September 16, 2014 Jessica Sims

U-verse Problems? We Have Advice!

U-verse problems are few and far in between, but they do happen.  Who do people turn to when they experience U-verse problems?  Strangely enough, sometimes they e-mail us!  While we certainly have a lot of love for U-verse here at High Speed Experts, we also understand that U-verse problems do exist in certain situations.  We certainly do not mind helping out, even if AT&T won’t give us a salary for doing the occasional good deed!   They say that kindness is its own reward, and to that end we have decided that instead of helping people solve their U-verse problems on a one-on-one basis that our time would be better spent addressing some common problems.  Yes, believe it or not, U-verse does have a few little hiccups, but not all of them are necessarily the fault of U-verse.  Sometimes a simple reset can cure U-verse problems, but sometimes a little more investigative work is in order if you want to be permanently free of U-verse problems.

Freezing Set Top Boxes (STBs)

While we do not really get that many e-mails from U-verse customers regarding their U-verse problems, the most frequent e-mail that we do get is regarding set top boxes that freeze.  One second you are happily watching your show and then the next thing you know, your screen locks up quicker than Windows Vista.  The bottom line is that in a perfect world, and in the homes of many U-verse customers, the U-verse STBs work fine.  So what gives?  In most cases it is a heat problem, and you should start your troubleshooting by:

  1. Ensuring that the U-verse STB/DVR is in an open space where it can vent its excess heat.  The U-verse system is certainly powerful, and all of that power generates heat.  If that heat cannot go anywhere, then it slowly heats up the U-verse STB and a lock-up is not uncommon.
  2. Make sure that nothing is on top of or immediately next to your U-verse STB/DVR.
  3. Make sure that the U-verse STB/DVR has plenty of ventilation, and check to see if its own vents are clogged.

There are just the basic steps that you should make on your own before getting frustrated, but there is more.  Sometimes the wiring in a property, or even those done by U-verse installers in a hurry, is not exactly what we would call top-notch.  I’m sure that 99% of the U-verse installers are great at what they do, and do it very well, but somebody has to get the rookie installer and/or the installer who had too many appointments and too little time.  The result tends to be U-verse problems that were probably avoidable with more care and/or training.  We are all human, and while it is easy to point the finger we are not going to take that route.  Rather we are going to take the high route here and simply say that some installations end up being sup-bar, but that does not necessarily mean that all U-verse problems that fall into this category are permanent.

Before covering solutions and methods to tell if you have U-verse problems related to wiring/installation issues, you need to understand that a botched installation or sub-standard wiring can also cause a DVR/STB to overheat.  Why?  Because the STBs and DVR boxes used by AT&T were designed to operate under very specific conditions, and those conditions do not include constantly reacquiring network addresses and/or requesting data to be re-transmitted.  Basically, a bad install and/or bad wiring is the equivalent of your boss dumping a whole pile of work on your desk at the last minute and telling you that he or she needs it done by the time you go home; you get a little hot under the collar with all the extra work, right?  Well, a DVR or STB may not have feelings, but it generates more heat when more compute cycles are being used.

If this seems to be what is happening with your U-verse setup, then here is what you do:

  • Go to your menu and look for the Broadband Link/Detailed DSL Stats menu
  • Look for high amounts of corrected blocks, uncorrected blocks, the number of seconds where the DSL was unavailable for, the number of link retrains, DSL training errors and timeouts, and the number of signal failures.  In an ideal world, all of these figures would be zero.  If any of these numbers other than corrected blocks has reached 10 or more in the last 24 hours, then you probably have a bad connection.  Corrected blocks can sometimes be as high as 10,000 per day, but that number should ideally be zero.
  • If this happens, contact AT&T’s U-verse tech support crew and explain the situation.  They will probably transfer you to a second-tier tech support representative.
  • If you get a particularly intelligent, friendly, and helpful rep (Which most 2nd tier reps at AT&T call centers are), ask them to explain what is happening, and it may be worth suggesting that they ‘bounce your port’ and then wait for it to ‘zero out’ before they unlock your port again.  Sometimes this process will allow a ‘noisy’ line the time it needs to allow a signal to propagate itself into heat.

In Closing

We hope that this guide has proved useful, and if you have any requests, ideas, feedback, or just want to comment, then use our comments section.  U-verse problems, Fios troubleshooting, whatever it takes.  If you have a question and we happen to have an answer, we would love to share it with you.  Please know that we take all comments and e-mails seriously, so be sure to stay in touch if you honestly have problems and/or questions.  If you have a guide or troubleshooting tip you want us to cover, then by all means let us know!

67 comments on “U-verse Problems? We Have Advice!”

  1. Hy Chea says:

    I check around and found out all of my friends has different cable provider that able to view the international that I am looking for, Verizon Fios, provide CTNS, TVK channel, and ATT UVERSE and DIRECT TV did not provide these two channels, I am checking with you to see if you could obtain these two channels CTNS & TVK, please let me know.
    At this moment, I am comparing the service, between att, direct tv and seem Verizon Fios that most of my friends are using.
    I did not want to change around to a different provider, but …

  2. Beverlee Stefancin says:

    Hi. Just had u-verse installed yesterday and I am very flustrated. Why does it say you can record up to 4 shows at a time when last night I tried to record the same time my son did in another room and it cut him out. We tried the reverse and it cut me out. Also we have 5 boxes, and only one room can watch TV in HD. It won’t allow the other TV’s to view HD at the same time. Is this normal?

    Thanks for your help. I am very flustrated. Tried to get help from u-verse but couldn’t really talk to anyone. Just a chat trough the internet. He wasn’t helpful because he wasn’t understanding the situation.


  3. admin says:


    You should be able to watch and/or record 3 different HD channels + a 4th SD channel at the same time. If you’re not able to do this, then it’s best to have a technician come out, so they can take care of the problem. You may have to dumb down the problem when explaining to the customer service rep. When they can’t fix the problem over the phone, they’ll send a technician to your home.

  4. MeOhMi says:

    I think I fixed my ATT Uverse sendmail problem….
    I pinged the server and got a few IP addresses back, I tried them in the
    smtp setting box and presto one of them worked and now it works every time!
    Try instead of

  5. Stacy C says:

    If you haven’t found a solution for your problem yet. You should ask the customer service rep how many HD streams you’re supposed to have. It is unfortunately somewhat common that the sales reps promise you more streams than you can successfully have. Your distance from the distribution box, probably a large grey freestanding box slightly bigger than a phone booth somewhere in your neighborhood, determines how many streams you can have. The line technician makes this determination when he comes out before the inside technician arrives for your installation.

  6. marie says:

    i had my tv on this morning and the power went off, when the power came back on, the tv is all static and the power button on the little box stays on with the tv off. can you help?

  7. JoAnn says:

    I can not watch DVD/VCR tapes.. since AT & T Unverse has been installed.. the instructions to turn the equip (DVD player) on then point/hold the DVD button and enter at the same time… the 4 buttons at the top os the remote should blink/light up … this does not light up. they I tried to key the DVD player code in manually by pressing the DVD button and the OK …THIS IS NOT WORKING EITHER…. how can I get some help? Will I have to call and stay on hold for 30 minutes to get help?

    • Brenden says:

      I have Uverse, and I have 2 TVs with a DVR attached. I discovered my mistake was that I had not attached the DVR to the correct ports at the back of my TV, and correctly attached the red/white/yellow wires to the correct ports at the back of the receiver. Once I did that I needed to let the receiver find the DVR twice, the second time by typing in the DVR manufacturer (Sony). It finally worked. I hope this helps.

  8. JoeB says:

    I have 3 TV’s and 2 of them work great! The one in our master bedroom is freezing up both on regular programs and especially on previously recorded shows, I like the idea about perhaps it is getting overheated, although I have the receiver sitting on top of a DVD player and appears to have plenty of ventilation all around it.
    Could it be my wiring connected to the box and my TV is bad? Should I purchase new cable lines and try that? I have tried the reset method on the receiver but only works temporarily.

  9. J Reaves says:

    U-verse sales people do not inform the prospects that if they have a security system there is a possibility that the security system will not communicate through U-verse after installation. The technicians install the system and then tell the customer that if the security doesn’t work to call the alarm company to upgrade the system. Some customers don’t call and then the alarm tells them several days later that it can’t communicate when it attempts to send a test signal. When the customer is told they will have to pay for an upgrade they get upset because they thought they were subscribing to U-verse to save money. Following the install, if a customer had a fire or emergency requiring the system to communicate for police response, it can not communicate. U-verse is leaving customers unprotected after an installation and the results could be serious! The alarm system communicated before U-verse installation and did not after the installation. AT&T should be able to correct the problem but it does not seem to bother them.

  10. Ginaw says:

    Hi 🙂 lately, the picture on my tv has been bad off and on. The picture almost looks as if either it’s a little fuzzy or likes strange mix of coloring, making people’s faces look very weird. It does this as well when we play a DVD on a different input. So if there is a bad cable box or wire from the uverse box, could it affect the picture on different inputs as well, or does that rule out the possibility that it could be the box and there is probably something wrong with the tv? It just started happening after we got uverse.

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Josh says:

    I have u-verse and I have had problems more with the DVR function. I was watching (for example) the taped Ohio State-Michigan game, and numerous times the system would freeze, bring up the end of recording message and I would either have to fast forward through to where I was or rewind when I could. What gives? Is this an overheating issue? Thanks

  12. Kathy says:

    I pay for 5 boxes and the internet (basic service – no recording capabilities). Sometimes, when I go to watch a program, my son turns his on and we are given the message that all services are in use and to turn off one of the boxes. Why does this happen? I thought if I paid for 5 tv’s, we should be able to each watch 5 tvs at the same time.


    • Rebecca says:

      We have 7 TV boxes, some DVR, some wireless, + internet. AFTER we purchased UVerse we had the same issue – we have 4 kids, so you can imagine the chaos in our house… When I called they said we only get 4 streams to the house. That means that every night when everyone retreats to their rooms for relaxation, some of us are stuck with antenna TV. Yep, this day in age and they can’t figure out how to give us multiple lines to watch TV. Not happy that we weren’t told that during the setup.

  13. shannon says:

    Can anyone help all my recorded show has been deleted and know one has deleted them.

  14. Jeff C-B says:

    I have had to reset my DVR box several times over the past few months. Each time I reset (either soft reset or power cycle) I lose all my recordings. Is this normal or do I have a DVR problem? It seems that it should behave like a laptop – I turn that off or unplug it and I don’t lose everything on my hard drive.

  15. Kim says:

    I am extrememly angry with at&t u-verse. We have 3 boxes and two of them have already needed to be replaced because they randomly stop working. Now our other STB is frozen from who knows what. The ventilation is fine and is not overheated, the box won’t even turn off and the remote won’t access any of it’s features. What are we supposed to do?

  16. Herbert Anthony says:

    I can not access any progrming on one of the TVs all I get is the ATT U-Verse Screen with a browsing or circle symbol turning in the bottom right hand of the screen. How do i get to a point that I can watch TV or Recordings?

  17. betty brashear says:

    we went thru hell with the dsl…could not use internet or phone for days at a time…techs were at my home so many times cant count them…now wer have uverse for phone, tv, internet and going thru hell again…half the time freezes up or just black screen and resetting just last a little while…have used att for as long as i can remember …always the best service and now…the worse there is and we have had them all…everyone i know that has uverse is going to something else and so are we…sad day when att is so pitiful!!!!

  18. Deb says:

    I do not understand what ‘menu’ you are talking about in regard to checking account ?

  19. Corene says:

    I just “upgraded” my phone, internet, and tv to uverse 2 weeks ago. Over the last 4 days I have spent over 10 hours on the phone, on webchat, or doing various troubleshooting steps with ATT both for technical and billing problems. My DVR is fried and they have to send a tech out. My billing is all screwed up and I can’t call tech support because some glitch in their computer system says my bill is past due even thought it is my first bill, not due until 8/10, and I am on auto pay! No one can fix the billing issue so that I can call tech support. Now to top it all off, my internet is either so slow that it takes a page forever to load or it constantly disconnects and reconnects. This whole experience has been a nightmare. I am at my boiling point!

  20. Shirley Bradley says:

    for some reason every site i go too it say you’re internet has stopped working and kicks me off

  21. Camille Abboud says:

    I agree with all the above I have just about had it with Uverse their system does not work properly and frequently my remote does not work and it is not the battery life and not the ysnchronization of rebooting. I plan to go back to the eliable even if sometimes limited Charter TV setup.

  22. Jenny says:

    So I ran across this site, but this article doesn’t addess my issue. Main issue right now: 1 of the receiver boxes (both original and now the new replacement) will not respond/communicate with any of the AT&T remotes (silver or black). Resetting it from the power button, unplugging the adapter from the back or doing a power cycle at the modem helps. I have had 5 techs to my house in the last week and a half, one of them an outside tech. Secondary main issue: Our connectivity was showing massive errors with all 3 services (phone, internet, TV). All techs said all lines, inside and outside, were fine. Their fancy little box connected to our modem line said so, when modem was connected to the line which showed all these errors. They logically diagnosed the problem as the modem, but 3 modems not working properly within a few days window seems very illogical. Was sent a brand new upgraded modem and receiver. Modem works better, but still have our connection service just stop working for no apparent reason. The new receiver worked for about 10 minutes before it no longer would respond to the remote. Again, I have done multiple resets with no success. The new remote that came with the new receiver works on th 2 other receivers so I know it’s not the remote. This brand new receiver acts as the original one did, which started acting odd after the 3rd or 4th tech was at my house. Is it the coax line? The cables are snuggly tightened, adapter plugged in, receiver not overheating. I want desperately to know what is going on with my entire system and one receiver, and of course how to fix it since most of the techs (all senior techs except the 1st one) aren’t solving any problems. HELP!!

  23. Missy says:

    This is a simple yes or no answer I think. My u-verse box broadband light has started blinking red. We have unplugged it and waited and plugged it back in. The computers show a signal that goes in and out. Tried reset several times also. I only have Internet on this box, called technical support, was told line was checked and is fine… Question… My friend has a router that was sent to them as a replacement 6 months ago that they never used. They are going to just give it to me, is a simple unplug the data cable out of one and into the other? If it will require some kind of activation or needing to change multiple things to use it, I may just have someone come replace it, but if not, I’d love to use free one. Thanks very much!

  24. S. Reynolds says:

    I have had Uverse for about 6 years and had a few problems that were easy enough to fix. Recently after having an SDTV in our bedroom for too long we bought a 50 ” Plasma 3D HD. I noticed that anything recorded in HD would not play on the SD set and I thought maybe it was because of the ratio. After setting everything up on the new tv and making sure it was set to view in 1080, the problem still existed. After 3 days of trying to get things resolved through ATT tech support, they finally told me the STB was bad and sent a new one. Needless to say it did not fix the problem. HD works fine on both tv’s but recorded HD still does not work in the bedroom. I’m short of pulling my hair out on issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  25. Jake Franz says:

    I have AT&T Universe and lately the erase of recorded programs has been slow. Tonight
    I turned it on all programs I have ever kept recorded were gone, only one that recorded tonight was on. All scheduled programs seem to ready to record, but all past ones are gone. What do I do and can I get them back?

  26. cj says:

    Here is a head scratcher. I have a wireless att uverse receiver in our bedroom. It froze while powered off. All of the front lights are on on the receiver including the recording light. I tried to reset it manually by pressing in the power button for the allotted time which is ten seconds, nothing happened. I than unplugged it last night and just now plugged it in. well over 24 hrs. the same lights came right back on and still nothing. I than did a whole system reboot and it did not have any effect on this receiver. I proceeded to contact uverse and they just insulted my intelligence which I find very rude. I think I know what hdmi setting I have my receiver set to if I did all that before I decided to contact themyou have any ideas on what I could do to fix this problem.

  27. Janet Urbasik says:

    A button got bumped on my remote and across the top of the screen has left side HD720 p and on right side has Video – 1 don’t know how to correct this what button is it. Have att u verse service hope you can help me don’t know what happen

  28. Jay Hoglund says:

    We just got AT&T U-verse fiber internet, TV, and voice in a house that we just built. The TV is doing strange things as we will lose the audio and sometimes even the picture when we switch certain ceiling light fixtures and ceiling fans “off”! We usually also get a glitch in the picture when we turn those same switches “on”. Could this be some sort of a grounding issue with our AT&T U-verse gateway, receiver or installation?

  29. Lori says:

    I had a tech come and repair my home line, places a new modem and now, on two t.v’s our of three, I can not get into my recorded movies and shows… it says that the modem and dvr are not connected…tried the t.v. help line and rebooted but still, the two t.v’s still don’t show recording and the same message is shown…what can I do to get this problem solved…thank you anyone with a solution

  30. sharon grimaldi says:

    Its not really a problem, but do we have TVGN??? I can’t find it on my guide and My favorite show is starting on Wed. on CBS. Last few seasons, it came on Showtime 2, at midnight live every nite and now they are Changing to TVGN at midnite. This is upsetting, I already pay enough for my Uverse and now I may have to pay to have it on the internet. Its not fair Please answer soonl Sharon

  31. James says:

    ATT is the worst. Does any one know of an attorney who can represent all of us and millions more for a class action lawsuit. I don’t care what limited liability clause they may have in their user agreement. Enough is enough. I have been paying for high speed internet service, the most expensive one they offer and i am only getting slow service, which kicks me off at least 20 times a day and this is the truth. I have had their technicians out here, i have called dozens of times, i can not get any results. They won’ even credit me for my inconvenience and the diagnostics sheet proves all the dsl errors etc. Any one have any suggestions on how I can be treated fairly and get the service I am paying for? Thank you. They need to be taught a lesson, They are ripping us all off. Class action!

  32. çhris fereday says:

    My bedroom TV is only displaying art diverse blue screen with a thinking sign in the corner.. what do I do to get rid of this??

  33. doris campbell says:

    we had to have modem replaced because our phone service now not any of the programs we had recorded will play and if you try to record it will light up that it is recording but the the red light doesn’t come on and has not recorded any thing so I am thinking of saying bye bye because it is some problem all the time especially with the bill

  34. dave says:

    i would say that about 90 percent of everyone on here has no idea what the hell they are talking about…video streams have nothing to do with distance from anything; you only have four…and once youve utilized the four a priority setting goes into effect. the first in this line of priority being dvr. as for the hd playback issue, that was covered already & has everything to do with an internal server issue on the backend, NOT your sdtv in your bedroom. janet: the problem lies in ur tv remote, NOT uverse remote. james, good luck suing one of the biggest companies in the world bro, i worked for them, trust me they know the in&outs of a contract…and apparently you dont. chris, make sure the box is plugged in correctly, it sounds like you unplugged it while it was loading & misconfiged the box. As for all of you: understand that uverse is NOT CABLE. it does not broadcast its entire lineup like comcast. the system works more like a “system” whereas all components work together. So if your 12yo son is spilling his drink on the box in his room, it more than likely will let you knoweverywhere else as well…

  35. Paul Hitch says:

    I have found AT&T Uverse lacking in good service. For example it was down October 25 for 3 hours and off again October 26 for 3 hours. This is not only me complaining but 6 other individuals living in our apartment complex.
    This occurrs quite often for shorter periods.

  36. WOB says:

    Frustrating problem that we’ve been trying for 2 days to get resolved through AT&T service center. All of our scheduled recordings have “disappeared.” We have rebooted, unplugged the DVR and have sat “on hold” for many minutes while their folks tried to figure out what has happened. I have more than 240 series we have identified to record, and none of them show up on my “scheduled to record” screen. If I go back into a show we have listed on series, and make recording changes and then save, then that show will show up on the “scheduled to record” list, but only for the next show to be shown, it does not show the show is to be recorded next week, the following, etc. So far, no one at ATT has a clue. Anyone here want to give it a shot?

  37. Paul Murphy says:

    For the most part I have been satisfied with Uverse. However, on occasion, the video and audio on all four of my TV’s start breaking up. the last time this occurred was on December 13th. It effected every channel and lasted for about three hours. This isn’t the first time this has occurred. What would cause this? Additionally, the same thing occurs when we use our tread mill i.e., both audio and video become corrupted. I have tried everything I can think of from my end including replacing the motor on my tread mill, changing to a different circuit, and using clean electricity surge protectors. The funny thing is that when we watch Netflix, Hu Lu, Amazon on our TV’s we don’t have a problem.

  38. patricia clapp says:

    My problem is slow service, I have only one tv and no cable only a rogu3 and my computer. Every time I use the tv it stops and has to reload this can take up to 5 mins. Called Rogu and was told that it would be a simple process for uverse to up my speed should only take about 2 mins. Now I can not find the tech that can do it. Plus they charged me 3.50 for a few extra days to get my payment in have been charged up to 8.00 a month for a late payment charge twice. The problem is they keep changing the late payment date. I have had them for four years and have never had a late payment till just recently. I am at my wits end they are too big to fight and they know it and they do not care about keeping the customers happy, all is about money. I am for a class action suit. I will be reporting this to bbb today also.

  39. woody says:

    I have four tv’s on u verse and three work but will not go to the recordings, it says that the modem and dvr are not connected. The main tv will not work it has a gear on the screen. when I go through all the rebooting it MIGHT come on but only for a few seconds and then freeze. I’ve rebooted, unplugged and made sure all connections are tight but it keeps doing the same thing. I’m sitting here looking at a black screen with a gear emblem. The other tv’s work but will not go into recordings!

  40. Sharon says:

    My computer shuts down (black screen) and reboots after about 15 sec and states it was improperly shut down. My att guy says it is not the uverse and is a computer problem or electrical in nature, but it doesn’t happen when I’m not online. Could it be the uverse?

  41. marlon says:

    I had a problem with the connection in one of my rooms and they sent someone out to fix it but now my DVR recordings aren’t playing at all, in one room it doesn’t show them at all but the other room shows that they are still there but it will not play them at all, what do I do?

  42. John says:

    Why can’t I play recordings stored on my Uverse VIP2250 dvr when the Uverse signal is stopped? When I had Dish and their signal went out, they told me I could watch prerecorded programs stored on my Dish dvr???

  43. harry says:

    Called ATT tech support -again. While recording 2 shows on different channels that overlap-8-11 and 9-10. used one tv not being watched,one tv being watched to record.wife was watching another and could not get desired channel. message was Interrupt another TV,Stop recording, Turn off another TV,all services in use.
    I called Att several weeks ago on the same issue and was told recording on different TVs should have no effect . WRONG!!!!
    MAYBE the TVs in INDIA are different?
    Does anybody have an answer to this problem? ATT sure doesn’t

  44. ryan says:

    I only have Uverse for internet. We have the gray modem set up in the kitchen, in an open space. Nothing has spilled on it and it is clean (no dust). For over a year it’s been great. My wife and I both work from home and are uploading/downloading files all day. We also used it to connect the couple wireless media players we have to our tvs to watch Netflix, etc. Again, it was great for over a year, everything worked fine. This week suddenly the range went from 50 feet to 2. We now have to be right next to the router, almost sitting on it, for us to find a signal on our laptops, iphones, and ipads. ATT said they’re sending us a new router, which is fine, but we have work to do before then. Has anyone heard of this happening before? We were both working in the living room with netflix on for our son and suddenly everything just stopped working. I reset the modem, ran through tests with the technician on the phone, but they can’t figure it out. Why would a wifi router suddenly drop range to just inches away from it. Also, when we are sitting next to it, the download rates are very low, like around 100-300K when it used to be over 1M.

  45. Ed says:

    Very frustrated today. Just had U-verse installed two days ago. The picture on my TV freezes up every ten seconds. You can switch channels and it works for about ten seconds and does it again. Called in to ATTand they are sending Rech out tomorrow, but I have to tell you, at this point, I am not very pleased with ATT and frankly wish I had kept DirectV. This is ridiculous!

  46. Mike says:

    Everything was fine with all my service until a tech bundled in the telephone today. A few hours later I noticed that I could no longer record or reverse any shows on either of 2 televisions. The message says ” The rewind command is not available. Too many TVs are watching or recording live TV.” I can set it to record, it says it will record, but no red light comes on & nothing records. Is this something I can fix myself or must I call him back?

  47. Mary Hill says:

    Keep getting Emergency Action Notifacation. on TV. I have the channel on 210 and when the notice comes on and goes off my TVl turns to channel 11. Please correct this problem. This has been going on all morning.

  48. jim kelly says:

    For the last 2 months my tv will just shut off and when i turn it back on i have to spend a half hour pressing every button on the remote to get it up.Now the picture on my new 60 inch tv looks terrible and i am pissed off.Whats up

  49. Christine says:

    For the second time in two years, AT&T has decided they had to replace our perfectly functioning DVR to complete their “service.” With that arbitrary decision, all the recordings we were saving on it we were taken from us, AGAIN. I hate AT&T and their disinterest and inability to appreciate how important this is to us and others like us who want access to recordings we have on our confiscated DVRs. They have no way of transferring or retrieving recordings from their DVRs and don’t care how this affects their customers. We’re looking to go with another provider and purchasing a TIVO.

  50. Moe says:

    I can only see part of the guide and on-demand menu. I can see the entire tv show just not the u-verse menus. Does anyones know how to change it?

    • KNT says:

      I had the same problem. Try this:
      Unplug the power cord of the DVR from the wall or from the back of the box and wait ten seconds. Plug the DVR back in.

      When three white dots appear on the screen, unplug the DVR again. Repeat this process two more times.

      Plug the DVR back in on the third time and leave in. Three white dots appear followed by a gear with a status bar at the bottom of the screen.

      If the Disaster Recovery screen does not appear, repeat the steps above. If the Disaster Recovery screen appears, wait until completion.
      This also updates the box. It won’t cause you to lose anything you have recorded on your DVR. It did correct the expanded view of the guide and channel numbers that would not fit on the screen.

  51. Nusz says:

    my nightly connection to Google and Yahoo, frequently do not respond. Is this an ATT Uverse problem or a computer

  52. Sara says:

    I got uverse a couple of ago. The tv worked for about an hour and then it stopped working, saying there was no signal. The internet.l never worked for me. I’ve “rebooted” by unplugging gateway, wait 10 minutes, replug. The i tried turning off the receiver for 10 minutes. The power light is solid green, the ethernet is solid green, and the wireless is solid green but i can’t for instance, select wifi on my phone and be able to get new feed on FB or get new mail, stream, and so on. When i initially “added” the new wifi connection i added it as a WEP but there were other options. Should i have chosen a different configuration? How can i get the broadband light to turn green? Also, ATT logon tells me that there’s a DSL failure but it refers to our Motorola Modem which is actually attached to the old wifi and old, non-working computer. This stuff is all still plugged in. Could that be interfering? And the tv is still not working. It looks as if it’s rebooting but it’s been that way for hours.

    Any help would be enormously appreciated.

  53. June says:

    I have had Uverse for several years and have had very few problems until we got a new wireless TV. I was able to get the remote set up for it but it has problems working, changing channels, sound control, ect. I have started using my phone app to do all of this but every once in a while that’s not an option. Another thing it does is to mute the whole system so I have no sound. The TV isn’t muted but the system is, which I find strange. This only happens when I’m trying to use the remote and have to repeat over and over, like changing the channel, but rather than changing the channel, the system mutes. I reset the system but that’s a problem when you are recording because it stops the recording. I would appreciate any suggestions, June

  54. Brenden says:

    I have Uverse with a tower and a WAP. I have 3 wired receivers and 2 wireless. The info I found at ATT and it says only 2 wireless receivers can be attached. Can I have a third? I’ve seen wireless receivers for sale on-line, and would like to have another one?

  55. Andy says:

    I came back from vacation and both of my STB are showing my recorded shows as unavailable. I did see an update flash across my screen last night, but havent done it. How can i retreive my recordings?

  56. NDR says:

    how can I get dvr to start with start of program and stop with end of program instead of starting a couple of minutes earty and ending minutes after end of program?

  57. satveer says:

    i just got att uverse. for our internation indian channels, the channels are super blurry, even worse then sd. we get colored bars on channels every couple seconds and weird staticky sounds. please help. we switched out of dish network

  58. Matthew Mathias says:

    when i try to connect my xbox it wont let me and when i do anything on my phone it either takes forever or wont do it at all

  59. Jordan says:

    My att uverse tv keeps saying that it has lost the signal, if I change the channel it will run for about 10 seconds and then switch off. Help!!!

  60. Stephen says:

    I’m concerned that my AT and T Uverse DVR receiver gets pretty hot on the shelf its on in an upstairs bedroom. I leave it on all the time. A repair technician replacing the rechargeable battery in the basement told me I should leave the upstaris DVR on.

    Should I be turning it off? Sometimes when I have, it doesn’t restart properly. It vents the heat OK, but Boy, what heat. And it’s summer to boot. It’s not dangerously hot, but it’s hot. Any advice? There is enough ventilation to allow the hot air to escape, but I’d want the unit to cool off after I powered it off, if I was going to transport it anywhere by hand for any reason.


  61. Jeff Hobbs says:

    Recently, my recorded programs are ending before they’re over. I miss the conclusions of the shows I’m watching. Last night it happened to four different programs. This is most annoying and there seems to be no recourse. The reps provided by U-verse for handling ‘issues’ never have a solution or answer.

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