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Verizon Fios Deals: New Bundles & Triple Plays From $79.99/month

Updated April 26th, 2017: Verizon is currently running a competitive triple play offering. The $79.99/mo Fios Triple Play includes Fios internet with speeds of 940/880 mbps, Custom TV, and home phone all for $79.99/mo with a 2 year agreement. Additionally, Verizon Fios is also offering a $55/mo double play including local TV and 50/50 internet. Full details below.

Fios by Verizon LogoFor years, I’ve been writing about Verizon Fios, but there is a backstory as to why I love them. A few years ago, when a techie friend encouraged me to switch to Verizon Fios when he first saw the trucks in my neighborhood.

At the time, I thought all internet service providers were the same, but as he pointed out Verizon Fios is different because Fios is short for “Fiber Optics.”

He explained that because Verizon runs a fiber optic connection directly to your house, (instead of old coaxial lines that were designed for TVs of decades past), you not only get faster internet but better HD TV quality.

This type of connection is known as a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection and it piqued my interested because Fios was running incredible offers in order to gain market share from the aging cable companies.

After a bit of deliberation, I finally scheduled an appointment and made the leap, thinking the deals they were offering couldn’t last.

That was almost 6 years ago and I can honestly say it’s the best service I’ve ever had.

Fast forward to today and Fios is once again running aggressive promotions to continue to attract new customers.

Below are some of the better deals we’ve seen over the years, especially the triple play bundle.

1. Fios Triple Play Bundle — $79.99/mo

Current Verizon Fios Triple Play

This Fios Triple Play includes Fios Custom HD TV, 940/880mbps internet, and Fios home phone all for $79.99 a month with 2 year contract.

With the 2 year contract you, get 2 years of HBO included ($15/mo value) and 2 years of their Multi-room DVR included.

To put it lightly, this online only promotion is the best we’ve ever seen for almost gigabit speeds from Verizon Fios. Combine that with waived setup fees (a $90 value) and this promotion is even sweeter.

This Fios Triple Play at a glance:

  • 940/880mbps Internet allowing your to enjoy all of your online content and videos blazing fast.
  • HBO included for 2 years.
  • Multi-room DVR service free for 2 years.
  • Crystal clear Fios TV with your choice of 2 channel packs including up to 46 in HD.
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling to Canada and Puerto Rico, along with all the home phone features you’d expect at no extra charge.
  • Setup Fee Waived: Verizon is temporarily waiving its setup fee on all online orders.
  • 2 year agreement

Overall, this Triple Play is a great option for families who have lots of devices. With 940/880mbps internet speeds everyone can remain connected and stream with fewer loading screens and delays. Overall if this package is available in your area, definitely consider it. We stay on top of Verizon’s deals and no joke this is a great promotion. Just make sure it is available in your area before getting too excited.

Check if Fios is available in your area here.

2. Fios 50/50 Internet + Local TV + Premium Channel — $55/mo

Current Fios Double Play Deal

Current Fios Double Play Deal

If you just want local Fios TV and fiber optic internet, then this bundle deal is a solid starting point.

It included ultra-fast Fios 50/50mbps Internet, local TV channels, and one premium movie channel, such as HBO or Showtime, included for 3 months with no long term contract.

The pricing on this one is simple without a contract. It is $55/mo plus taxes and equipment.

This deal is clearly targeted at customers who are looking to stream content. With 50/50 internet you’ll easily be able to stream all of your online movies from Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube without waiting for it to buffer and you’ll have HBO or Showtime to watch anywhere.

Overall this entry level plan is ideal for families who don’t watch a lot of TV but are really interested in the premium channels and the benefits of a fiber to the home connection.

Additionally, Verizon is temporarily waiving its setup fee ($90 off) on all online orders which makes this deal quite a bit sweeter. (unfortunately, we don’t know how long they’ll wave the fee)

Just for reference, the double play deal with 50/50mbps internet may be a better bet depending on what you’re looking for as it includes options for consumers looking for custom TV channel packs.

Check if Fios is available in your area here.

Why Fios’s TV is Faster and Clearer

Fios TV + Internet $55+

Fios Triple Play $79.99+

Verizon Fios deals updated 12 hours ago.

Having worked in the broadband industry since 2004, it’s been incredible to watch how the different companies market their products.

Years ago, people thought Verizon was crazy to invest in building fiber optic networks to consumers homes.

They thought Verizon had gone insane.

The critics said that consumers would never want speeds faster than 100mbps, saying there would be no use for it.

Fast forward to today and now many of the DSL and cable companies are trying to play catch up to the speeds Verizon Fios able to deliver.

The only problem is, they don’t have the fiber network Fios has built so instead they’ve spent lots of money on rebranding their services with sexy names like Comcast Xfinity to make customers think they’ve created their own fiber optic network when really it is just a hybrid network.

While these rebranding efforts may do something for their image, smart customers realize there is a difference between “new and improved packaging” and a real fiber optic connection.

Because in today’s world cable and DSL just can’t compete with the speed and reliability of a direct, fiber to the home (FTTH) connection.

(related: Verizon Fios vs Comcast Xfinity)

Checklist: Who is Fios Perfect For?

Since first getting Fios I’ve personally recommended it to everyone in my family. (They’ve been expanding in my hometown where some of my family lives.)

Over this time, I’ve come up with a sort of “checklist” to help people decide if they’ll like Fios.

That said, I recommend Fios for you if you or anyone in your household fall into any of these categories:

  • Avid online gamer — Fiber optics offer lower latency, allowing gamers to beat other players because they have a faster connection.
  • Works from home — For people that work from home a solid reliable internet connection is key.
  • Watches a lot of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, or Youtube — Each of these services use a lot of bandwidth and because Fios doesn’t have a data cap (unlike Comcast) you’ll be able to watch them all you want without paying more for internet every month.
  • Avid TV Watchers — People who watch a lot of TV have grown accustomed to the “delay” between changing channels. With Fios, it’s gone.

All of this in mind, you need to remember that as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Fios can be a little more expensive than other providers, but that is because their fiber optic network offers a superior service.

Fios’ Biggest Problem: Availability

Fios Availability Map from Broadbandnow.com

A rough map of Fios availability, make sure to use the official tool to see if you can get service.

The biggest problem I’ve encountered in recommending Fios so widely is that it’s hard to know if the person you’re talking to can get access to it.

While there are some maps that show general availability, like the one below, it’s impossible to know if you can get Fios unless you use their availability tool on their website.

Click Here to Check if Fios is Available at Your Home

Bundle Shopping Tips

After looking at the Fios promotions over the years, here are some tips on getting the best monthly price:

  • Always sign up for service via the verizon.com website instead of “resellers” because if you call in to get the deal or use a reseller they’ll often charge you $90 in activation or you can have hard-to-correct errors on your monthly bill.
  • Verizon often runs incentives such as gift cards, laptops, or TVs if you sign up for a contract vs going without a contract. This may be a good move if you don’t think you’ll be moving.
  • Look for the difference between the first month vs later months. Depending on the deal sometimes it may go up.

How to Get These Bundle Deals:

Navigating Verizon’s website can be pretty confusing, so if you want these deals here is the easiest way to get them.

  1. Visit the Verizon Fios Site
  2. Click check availability and enter your address.
  3. Customize the bundle or triple play to suit your needs.

Also for your reference here is the disclaimer for the deals listed above. Make sure to read this for key details.


Fios Triple Play – 2 Year contract
Fios Triple Play – 2-year agreement
Availability varies. Gigabit network connection to your home. Actual speeds vary due to device limits, network and other factors. Avg. speeds betw. 750-940 Mbps download / 750-880 upload.
Limited-time online offer for new Fios TV and Internet residential customers subscribing to a Custom TV, Fios Gigabit Connection (Up to 940/880 Mbps) Internet and Fios Digital Voice bundle. Promo rates provided via monthly bill credits. Rate increases after promo period. HBO offer requires subscription. 2-yr. agr. req’d. Beg. mo. 2, up to $230 ETF applies. Fios charges: $12/mo. HD STB and $10/mo. router. Fees: $6.39/mo. Regional Sports Network, $3.49/mo. Broadcast and $0.99/mo. FDV Admin. Other fees, taxes, equip. charges & terms may apply. $70 set-up charge may apply. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. Backup battery avail. for Fios voice services & E911.

Limited-time online offer for new TV and Internet residential customers subscribing to a Fios TV Local, Fios 50/50 Mbps Internet bundle. Promo rates provided via monthly bill credits. Beg. mo. 25 stand. rates apply. Premium movie channel offer requires subscription to premium movie channel. Discount applied via bill credits for 3 mos.; beg. mo. 4 stand. programming rates apply. Fios charges: $12/mo. HD STB and $10/mo. router. Fees: $3.49/mo. Broadcast. Other fees, taxes, equip. charges & terms may apply. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. Fios avail. in select areas. Actual speeds may vary. Verizon Wi-Fi available with select packages. Software limitations and other terms apply. Visit verizon.com/wifi for details and availability.

Fios Custom TV

Channel packs require a minimum 30-day billing period. Channels included in each channel pack cannot be modified. Channels subject to change.

Share Your Fios Experience

Have you used Fios? If so, share your experience in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you’ve thought and your review of their service.

Last Updated: Feb 23rd, 2017.

5 comments on “Verizon Fios Deals: New Bundles & Triple Plays From $79.99/month”

  1. Darryl Dixon says:

    Why is Fios only available in certain areas? What is the problem with its availability?

    • Jeannie Barry says:

      They have to install fiber optic networks to provide Fios service. In rural and other smaller service areas it is too expensive to make it practical. Every resident would need to subscribe to their service (and not a competitor’s) to make it profitable, and that is unlikely to happen. People are locked into two-year contracts with Comcast, Dish, etc and won’t switch. It would take too many years to recoup the cost of installing fiber optics.

  2. Rick Grimes says:

    If Verizon wasn’t blocked by what are essentially legally enforced monopolies, the other main issue is it costs a lot of money to install fiber to a home. They don’t start making money until you’ve had fios for a decade or more.

  3. Langano says:

    Verizon is excellent until you try to get a deal once your contract is over two years later! It is soo frustrating that Verizon just throws you out there with no cost-effective alternate plan for existing customer. Hope management will get back to their drawing board, look at their loyal customers and offer the same bundle cost as their new customers.

  4. Renn says:

    Fios is awesome! Had it ten years and only lost service once and that was lightning striking my neighbors house and burning out the equipment. Fixed in a day and no other problems. If you can get it, get it. If not maybe move lol

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